Our brand identity service forges memorable impressions, cultivates connections and creates a unified brand experience.

The Giant Peach Difference

We get to know you, define your brand purpose and bring the brand to life through bespoke creative, fuelling growth for years to come.

Authentic Visual Identity

Elevate your brand with a compelling visual identity. We design logos, choose impactful typography, and define colours for lasting recognition.

Captivating Illustration

Bring your brand to life with captivating illustrations. Our artistic touch enhances storytelling and creates a unique visual identity experience.

Stunning Photography & Videography

Enhance your brand with stunning visuals. Photography and videography services capture the essence, telling your story with captivating imagery.

Immersive Animation

Infuse vitality into your brand with enchanting animations. Our dynamic creations enhance engagement, delivering a memorable and immersive brand experience.

You like what you see

You like what you see