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Introducing BioDrop – the ultimate mix of digital connection and self-promo pzazz, all neatly bundled up in a single link.


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The masterminds of BioDrop are Eddie and Sara, the not-so-typical founders who live life as digital nomads! They created a genius blend of social media flair and digital portfolio magic, turning lonely pixels into cool opportunities.


BioDrop slid into our DMs just as they were planning to launch the new name of their platform, laser-focused on curating a new logo that would make an impression.

It needed to flex in both light and dark mode, rock the favicon game, keep things font-friendly and accessible, all while throwing a party in the world of contemporary vibes. Now that’s a logo with a mission!

our process

So we gathered for our infamous brand workshop, where we dove headfirst into the BioDrop universe decoding their values and vision. We were on a mission to sync our vibes with theirs, ensuring our brand wizardry creates a logo that will stand the test of time.

In that workshop, it became crystal clear that Eddie and Sara are driven by creating a platform that serves their community. It was crucial that the new brand had to resonate with their users.

Tech-savvy Vibe


Our design squad rolled up their sleeves and started exploring various concepts. We whipped up three different ideas, all with a tech-savvy vibe that could seamlessly fit into various marketing materials without feeling out of place.

Logo design

The journey to the final design was a serious team effort. We mixed in community feedback with the founders’ preferences. The end result? A design that beautifully combines a semicolon with that trusty ‘B’. A semicolon is like the rockstar of programming; that’s why we thought it’d be cool to use it in the logo. Oh, and we even rustled up a custom ‘B’ which was influenced by the wordmark typeface just to really show off how one-of-a-kind the brand is.


Together, we generated a logo that injects some fresh vibes into their brand. Now, when you swing by BioDrop’s website you’ll see that our mission was a success.

BioDrop is the ultimate hangout for showcasing your portfolio and expanding your network. Head over to their website and bask in the full-on glory of their brand-spankin’-new logo

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We instructed Giant Peach to create a logo and branding guidelines for our tech startup and we would highly recommend them. From the outset the process was seamless – they are a great team which focuses on bespoke client care but with a lot of creativity.

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