The Wool Library

Wool & Farm


The Wool Library is a pet project turned platform from two passionate women who champion British wool. Giant Peach helped them bring the brand and platform to life.


  • Brand & Identity
  • Digital Experience
  • Web Design


  • Environment
  • Farming & Agriculture


The Wool Library are on a mission to regenerate the wool industry for the 21st Century through education on the production journey from Sheep to Farmer, Designer, Producer and Consumer. 

Their ethos is that businesses should put more back into the world than they take out, restoring balance; promoting regeneration, reducing impact, raising standards and enriching the diverse landscape to ensure a future for a thriving community of wildlife and humans.


The overarching goal for the company is to flip the wool industry on its head making the supply chain more sustainable and ethical for all involved in the process.

The stumbling block they found was that their visual identity, key messaging story and website weren’t presented with enough strength to take on their goal.

The Process

Our Giant Peach creative team took the passion of Zoe and Maria, from The Wool Library, and ran with it. They started with the brand identity pulling together mood boards, colour palettes, typography and testing logo design concepts to pinpoint a desirable visual style that would capture the intended audience but also express the personality of the people behind the company.


The chosen logo was created with the free-flowing nature of thread in mind. A professional yet playful typography was chosen to represent the materials and art of knitting. This was paired with a Farrow & Ball-inspired soft-toned Blue to create a sense of wisdom and trust. 

Key Messaging

If the brand could speak what type of language would it use and what would its tone of voice be?

As an educator, The Wool Library needed to speak clearly and calmly to help its intended audience to help them understand their impact. We created their brand mission alongside vision, strapline and supporting messages to be entwined in all written content. Their chosen mission was Fighting for Farm and Yarn. 

Website design & development

The final piece to the puzzle was website design. After all, how can people engage with the new branding and key messaging without having somewhere to access it?

Zoe and Maria wanted the site to be as accessible as possible to enable people to learn more about the wool industry. Using the feeling of trust, wisdom and playfulness from the new brand identity we designed a fresh website to match. The site was created on Shopify to be able to sell products online and have an easy-to-use functionality for purchasing. We created an online shop to attract new business and increase conversions. 

Since the launch of their site, The Wool Library has had a 2200% increase in website sales. 

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