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Transforming lives through content


THINK Publishing is transforming lives through content, delivering award-winning content programmes that start conversations and build engaged and invested communities, to drive positive change in the world. 


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Transforming lives through content

THINK Publishing is transforming lives through content, delivering award-winning content programmes that start conversations and build engaged and invested communities, to drive positive change in the world. 

Sometimes a client comes along and your values just high-five each other. Working with THINK was truly enjoyable – creativity, thoughtfulness, and expertise abounded. It’s not just teamwork; it’s a genuine partnership.

the goal

THINK were looking for a user-centric website to ensure their audience could easily navigate and benefit from their site. Combined with a fresh innovative website design, while also being credible and thought-provoking. The goal, being able to capture attention and guide users to content.

the process

To kick off, we like to bring the energy. Our first client meeting with THINK was a buzzing environment where we bounced ideas around and had open conversations about the direction of the brand. The collaborative nature of the meeting allowed us to feel part of their team and delve into what makes the brand tick. 

You like what you see

You like what you see


the process

With our understanding of the brand personality nailed down, the creative team started to explore what this looked like visually. We developed a foundation design route that we progressed alongside the THINK team to ensure their unique stamp was firmly part of the end design. They were looking for “a really good shop front, to make a lasting impression” so our team focused on THINK’s desire to break the mould and be fun yet professional. 


the process

The website design was then built on WordPress with the aim to increase lead generation through a slick user journey. We introduced a quirky animation feature on the menu page to tie in the outputs of the brand personality session. 

A core feature of the website was the Re:member Hub – the VIP lounge, exclusively reserved for THINK’s key clients. It’s like a treasure trove of bespoke resources, positioning THINK as the ultimate agency for membership organisations.

Finally, we pulled off some digital acrobatics by integrating THINK’s website with the supercharged Hubspot platform. Why, you ask? Well, because that’s how THINK rolls when it comes to keeping tabs on who’s checking out their website! Now they’ve got their virtual detective goggles on, making sure their website keeps wowing the crowd with its awesomeness!


The result

After we launched the THINK website, in just the first three months, their website traffic went up by a whopping 8%! But wait, there’s more awesomeness to share – engaged sessions, engaged sessions-per-user, and the average engagement time all shot up by a crazy 34%! How cool is that?

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