Designability is an awesome non-profit organisation that empowers individuals with disabilities to achieve greater levels of independence.


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empowering individuals with disabilities to achieve greater levels of independence



Through a human-centred design approach, they develop products collaboratively with the disabled community, enhancing and enriching lives while expanding daily choices.

The Designability team was gearing up for a super exciting product launch and getting ready to hit the market. That’s when they reached out to us to whip up a website that would showcase their life-changing product, an accessible pushchair.


Right now, there’s a big gap in the global market – not many products are catering to the needs of accessible pushchairs. This leaves parents or caregivers in a wheelchair without independence. 

The goal was to create a website that would showcase the technical details alongside the social impact of how this product is changing people’s lives. 

We aimed to create a stylish and appealing webpage that showcases your new line of accessible pushchairs. The website will prioritise striking visuals while delivering all the essential information potential customers need.


what we did

Our process kicked off with a deep dive session, exploring the ins and outs of creative direction, client preferences, and the subtle details of our goals. This initial meeting not only helped us understand the nitty-gritty but also strengthened our bond, paving the way for more personalised and impactful results.

Alongside the efforts of our team, we explored various sources of inspiration to ignite our creative ideas. After brainstorming, we generated several design options, and together, we reviewed and discussed them to ultimately settle on the final design that would best suit our project’s needs and goals.

The final design was visually heavy with stop motion using photography, video to tell the brand story and provide that journey feel to the website. It featured a quick demonstration of attaching and detaching the pushchair using our attachment and also real-world pictures and scenarios with families.

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Giant Peach from start to finish. It’s been great to see our initial ideas on paper come to life on the screen and we wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again.”


You like what you see

You like what you see

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