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AuDeo are meeting room specialists. For over 20 years they’ve connected teams through video conferencing but now they’re able to provide immersive experiences, delivering multi-functional spaces fit for all purposes. 


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As a constantly evolving business, AuDeo needed a digital presence to reflect their advanced service offering. Our challenge was to highlight the non-tangible benefits as well as the cutting-edge tech their elegantly designed solutions and easy to use environments bring.


Our goal was to capture the holistic approach of AuDeo, focusing on their customer experience that lead to environments that just ‘work’. 

We had a unique opportunity to experience a state of the art meeting space with conferencing, break-out, huddle and private-meeting capabilities, with integrated booking, sound and vision equipment. 

This was the ultimate introduction our team needed to understand the scale of where AuDeo wanted to go, and what was required to reflect this premium offering through our new digital experience. 

the process

AuDeo wanted to be different and stand out from the crowd. In an industry with competitors that obsesses over tech, we formed our strategy around seamless connectivity. Bold, progressive looping animations were created to represent sound and visualise that connectivity. 

This new graphical style allowed us to inject some colour and fun into the AuDeo world, creating more differentiation in what can be a classic corporate lineup of white, black and blue electronics hardware-themed websites.

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You like what you see

Experience through imagery and video

Immersive Design

Storytelling formed the base of our design strategy. By leaning into AuDeo’s team and the relationship they have with their customers we were able to create a compelling way to communicate through the website. Arranging content strategically, combining the functional benefits with the non-tangible value of their experiences through imagery and video. 



AuDeo is all about quality connections and they needed the quality imagery and video to match. We captured the elegant design of their meeting rooms combined with the advanced technology functionality, expressing the exclusive experience AuDeo’s customers will enjoy. 

Our team worked with AuDeo to create a storyboard to ensure we understood their needs and maximised time on the day. The outputs of the shoot have allowed them to bring the board room to life across their website and marketing materials. 


seo results

The old AuDeo website wasn’t performing as well as they wanted. After a thorough review, our team increased the number of service pages, mapped keywords for their new site and optimised keyword content. 

These improvements saw progression in their ranking within the first month of launch and then went on to double their number of first page rankings in 3 months post launch. Alongside that PPC Ads were set up for each service area to ensure AuDeo are capturing new visitors and quality leads.

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