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Nestled in the picturesque South West, Chickpea Group comprises a cluster of pubs, 7 to be precise, with rooms and a pizza shop, each exuding its distinct charm. United by a shared commitment to fostering relaxed, friendly atmospheres and a dedication to utilising the finest local produce for crafting seasonal menus, each venue stands out in its own unique way.


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Acknowledging the need to stay current in the digital landscape and reflect their quirky brand personality Chickpea Group embarked on a mission to elevate its online presence. The objective was clear. To cultivate a seamless and contemporary digital experience for visitors wanting to get their hands on top-notch grub and a cosy place to stay. The focus was on designing a mobile-first website that not only showcased the diverse personality of each venue but also harmonised with Chickpea’s character on platforms such as Instagram.

the solution

The redesign process began with a comprehensive analysis of Chickpea Group’s brand identity and online behaviour. The new website was crafted to be visually stunning and full of personality using high-quality images and videos to bring each venue to life. The mobile-first approach catered to the increasing number of users accessing the internet via smartphones, helping to locate Chickpea in the classic ‘Places to eat near me’ search.

the solution

The site’s architecture was designed with a focus on a well-thought-out customer journey. Clear and intuitive navigation pathways were implemented to guide visitors seamlessly through the various sections, ultimately encouraging actions such as reservations, bookings, and job applications. Overall we developed a whopping 8 sites in total to cover all of their pub locations and then the main Chickpea hub.


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You like what you see

The solution

Chickpea Group’s commitment to proper hospitality and characterful charm is now extended to the digital realm. 

Propelling The Brand to New Heights


Chickpea Group’s commitment to proper hospitality and characterful charm is now extended to the digital realm. The redesigned website successfully captures the essence of each venue while providing an engaging and user-friendly platform that aligns with Chickpea’s online behaviour, ultimately propelling the brand to new heights.


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