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Alitex is a bespoke Victorian greenhouse manufacturer established in 1952 and based in Torberry Farm in the glorious South Downs. The company designs and manufactures beautiful, high-quality Victorian greenhouses, conservatories, rooflights, and atriums – from large bespoke projects right through to their official partnership range of National Trust Greenhouses. All Alitex designs are built with the finest quality aluminium for a beautiful and lasting finish.

The Brief

Alitex approached us looking for a design for a fun, quirky and heavily visual website that would communicate their personality and introduce ecommerce functionality for the first time. The site had to inspire potential clients by showcasing how their greenhouses look and function in situ, in order to appeal to their customer base.

The Solution

Our team designed a website that reflected Alitex’s brand personality whilst meeting their goals. We used a clean and contemporary layout, incorporating areas of white space and appropriate gaps in the pages to allow the design to feel light and breathable – and reflect Alitex’s existing brand assets. 

The use of sans-serif and hand-rendered typefaces added a touch of luxury and elegance to the design. To reflect the organic, family-rooted brand personality of Alitex, we incorporated hand-rendered sketches throughout.

The website is heavily visual, showcasing Alitex’s beautiful and bespoke greenhouses, conservatories, rooflights and atriums. The site cleverly uses a mix of lifestyle photography to showcase not just functionality, but to appeal on an emotional level to potential customers. 

In a significant departure from Alitex’s previous site, we added ecommerce functionality to allow potential clients to browse, select and receive further information about products directly via the website. 

The site was also optimised for mobile, ensuring that the user experience remained consistent across all devices.



The new website is helping Alitex to achieve their primary goal of inspiring potential clients. The site’s clean and contemporary layout, combined with the heavy use of visuals, allows visitors to imagine themselves in one of Alitex’s beautiful and bespoke greenhouses. The ecommerce functionality and considered UI also makes it simple for clients to browse, select and enquire about products directly from the website.


The design enables Alitex to communicate their personality and showcase their products in a way that is both fun and elegant. The hand-rendered sketches add an organic and family-rooted touch that aligns with their brand values, and the website’s contemporary layout makes it easy for visitors to navigate and find what they are looking for.