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Join us for an interactive workshop where we will discuss how to get the best from your social media channels.

Date: 1st September 2021
Time: 12:00 – 13:00
Location: Online
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About The Event

There are now at least 17 social media platforms have 300 million or more monthly active users.

What does this mean for your social media marketing plan, which channel is right for your business? What about emerging platforms like clubhouse? Do we need to be all things to all people on all channels, thankfully no.

To help you navigate the myriad of social platforms, we have created this workshop to help you understand:

  • The role of each platform
  • What type of content works on which channel
  • Which channels are right for your brand
  • Reaching your audience in more creative ways, and standing out from the crowd

This workshop is perfect if you are looking to learn how to use social media to grow your business and reach new audiences.

Meet The Experts

James Read, Founder, Giant Peach

James founded Giant Peach 2005, and after almost 15 years has grown the company into a successful digital agency with sustainability at its heart, working with ambitious innovative brands including Abel & Cole, The Sustainable Restaurant Association and Go Ape.

Ellie Harries, Cofounder & Social Media Expert, Glass

Ellie is co-founder and Social Media Manager at Glass. Having initially trained in journalism, Ellie switched her career with great success to focus on digital and discovered a love for all things social. Ellie will wholly admit her screen time is far too high but she’s on top of the trends, and is invested in moving brands forward.

Giant Peach are experts in creating strategies that drive growth, campaigns that ignite fires and content that connects. We bring your story to life with breathtaking visuals, instinctive E-commerce and intuitive design that converts visitors to loyal fans. Your vision, ethics and personality are embedded in an immersive digital experience.

Glass, Social Media Made Simple. You let us know what you want to achieve and our dedicated team of digital gurus will enhance your platforms to get you just that.

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