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In this fast paced digital world, time saving is crucial. We want to spend time on the bits of our job we love, and less on the necessary but boring admin jobs that are inevitable. With a huge array of apps available boasting time saving, easier life benefits, we’ve pulled together our favourites so you don’t have to.

Be a project whizz


An easy-to-use project tracking app. Assigns tasks to owners, and can sync tasks with calendars. Includes a dashboard to view progress, and a conversation tool. Helps with time management, and keeps our inbox clear, we love this handy app.


A great place to keep all our project bits, and communicate updates to our clients. With the ability to send messages and keep clients updated on projects, we reach for this nifty collaborative project management tool on a daily basis.

Digitalise a growing to-do list


Gone are the days of scribbling to-do lists on post-it notes. This premium task manager for Google helps us to stay organised and get more done. It’s a simple, collaborative online ‘to-do’ manager, which helps us prioritise our responsibilities.

Fire off quick messages


Email isn’t always the best form of communication. For quick questions, more social chat, or quick opinions on ideas, Slack is the answer. A useful messaging app, also available on our phones for quick on-the-go responses.

Keep our admin in check

Google docs

Our go-to app for organising all our documents and sharing them with people in and outside the business. With real time editing, we can work together on documents quickly and efficiently.

Google calendar

Available across all devices, we can plan and schedule our time quickly and easily. With sharable calendars and ability to check who is free and when, less time planning meetings and more time working!


We use this popular document storage system for clients to send us large files like photos, videos and so on. It offers secure storage for business.


On the run and want to quickly jot down that amazing idea? Sketch on the back of a crisp packet you want to share with the boss? Evernote is the answer to getting what’s in our brain in front of the people who matter.


Linked to Evernote, Scannable captures paper and turns it digital and sharable. Ready to go paperfree? Scannable has helped us stay eco friendly and reduced our paper usage.

Microsoft OneNote

Scribble meeting minutes straight onto a tablet with this handy app, another way to reduce the amount of paper we use. Time saving and good for the environment.

Cool tools for web design and development


Known throughout the creative industry as the leader in its field. It’s our app of choice for all things image related – manipulation, touch ups, correction. This app makes this work easy to do in the office and on the go. We’d be lost without it.


A web code app for html, javascript, CSS plus other markups. Colour codes language to make it easy to understand. A must for us web techies.

Other apps we rave about


For better writing, Grammarly checks everything we write before we hit publish, like a second pair of digital eyes. Claiming to be the world’s most accurate grammar checker. And what’s more we can paste format free copy into our CMS, Yay!


See something you love online and want to remember to look at it later when time permits? Pocket solves exactly this problem. A clever way to store interesting articles or videos to view when we want.

Inspired to free up your work day for the fun bits? Give some of these great time saving apps a go and see the difference they make to your working day. We love them and they keep us ultra efficient at all times.