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Building A Winning Website

Join us for an interactive workshop where we will discuss the key steps you need to take to build a website that not only engages your audience but creates conversions.

Date: 28th August 2021
Time: 12:00 – 13:00
Location: Online
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In 2020, 86% of businesses were using video as a marketing tool.

About The Event

Over the past 12 months, the number of people using the internet has increased and it is now estimated that over 60% of the world’s population is now online. With latest research showing that internet users spend on average 7 hours per day online. We know that people’s shopping behaviours and how they interact online has also changed. Whether that change remains in a post Covid world or not remains to be seen. What is clear though is the need for businesses to optimise their websites to ensure you are giving your customers the best experience possible whilst they are on your site.

Your website is often the first experience your potential customers have with your brand, and just like in the physical world, you want to make that experience as user friendly and memorable as possible, You need to guide them from A to B, ultimately completing the action you want them to complete, whether that’s filling in a form or making a purchase.

This session will look at what it takes to create a winning website that converts visitors to customers. We will provide tangible actionable tasks that could mean the difference between a visitor and an engaged customer.

Meet The Expert

James Read, Founder, Giant Peach

James founded Giant Peach 2005, and after almost 15 years has grown the company into a successful digital agency with sustainability at its heart, working with ambitious innovative brands including Abel & Cole, The Sustainable Restaurant Association and Go Ape.

Giant Peach are experts in creating strategies that drive growth, campaigns that ignite fires and content that connects. We bring your story to life with breathtaking visuals, instinctive E-commerce and intuitive design that converts visitors to loyal fans. Your vision, ethics and personality are embedded in an immersive digital experience.

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