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Here’s a thing you might not know: 70-80% of the world is fed by small family farmers. Incredible isn’t it? And they do it sustainably. They feed the world without damaging it. What a thing to celebrate! What a thing to support! Wanna know how? Read on…

‘The We Feed the World project aims to connect as many people as possible to the source of their food supply and gets them to question just who is dictating the future of their food economy and why. I urge everyone who thinks that’s an important question to get behind this.’

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

‘We Feed the World is an amazing opportunity for everyone in this country to engage with a healthier, more climate-friendly and more democratic food system.’

Vivienne Westwood, The Climate Revolution

Photo: Juergen Teller

What is We Feed the World?

We Feed the World is a global photographic project celebrating and raising awareness of small family farmers and their success. It highlights the resilience, diversity and necessity of small-scale farming and questions the need for a high tech industrial food system. Pretty crucial work we think.

For the first time ever it brings together over 30 award-winning photographers to document the people working with nature to grow food for their families, their communities and us. The photographs will then be used in a large-scale exhibition and book. There are plans for workshops and a docu-film to accompany the exhibition and help spread the good word.

What’s the point?

The exhibition is a unique opportunity to affect attitudes towards food, health and environment. Informing and educating audiences means replacing the idea of the poor, struggling farmer with strong, positive images of those feeding the world without damaging it. Together we can connect a mainstream audience to the source of their food and question how it’s produced.

Why now?

  • The industrial food system accounts for over 50% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions
  • We’re losing biodiversity, soil and water
  • In the UK we’re currently facing the increase in use of glyphosate, which the UN has declared a ‘probable carcinogen’
  • Basically we’re at crisis point


We Feed the World offers ‘rewards’ for those investing in the project. Check out We Feed the World to contribute.

Where will your money go?

  • All profits will go to the farmers
  • Your contribution turns this campaign into a large-scale, touring exhibition
  • Production of the book
  • Development of a behind-the-scenes film featuring interviews with the photographers and farmers

So you see, it’s a fantastic, crucial cause. Supporting these farmers means the betterment of so many ecological and economic global systems. So get involved! Contribute, talk about it, go see it for yourself, make a difference.