Why It’s Important to Keep Developing Your Branding

Developing a solid brand that reflects your business and connects with your customers takes time. And once you’ve reached the point where you have a suite of visual assets and a tone of voice that works, it can be tempting to check ‘branding’ off your to-do list and get on with other aspects of your marketing. But neither your customers’ lives nor the marketplace is static, and your branding shouldn’t be either!

Just like you schedule time to work on your business processes, it’s also a good idea to revisit your branding and check that it still resonates. Even Coca-Cola has evolved their branding many times over its 130-year history and still remains number one in their category today. 

Evolving v’s rebranding

“Change is the only constant in life”. – Charles Darwin 

This remains true in both life and business. But change does not have to be drastic to be impactful; incremental changes can be as transformative as a complete rebrand. 

So, how do you decide which is right for your brand? 

Brand evolution

Refreshing the look, feel and tone of your branding can have a big impact on how your business is perceived by both your customers and the wider market.

A brand evolution can happen gradually over time in reaction to design trends and customer needs, helping your business adapt to a changing market and maintain a competitive edge.

You can do this by making small, mostly cosmetic changes, by updating things like your:

  •       Logo
  •       Colour palettes
  •       Fonts
  •       Tone of voice.

Even small changes in these areas can be very effective in reinvigorating how your brand is perceived.    

Quite often when people see something repeatedly over time, they become blind to it, so by making small changes you have the opportunity to reconnect with your audience, deepen existing relationships and reach new people. 

Before you begin making changes, it’s good to have a clear understanding of how your current branding is resonating with your target audience. Using customer data to guide your decisions can help you choose a direction for growth. For example, try a less formal tone, does engagement increase therefore resonating better, or a more simplified colour scheme.

The very act of updating your branding shows people that your business is up to date and evolving. It can get you noticed and keep your business fresh in people’s minds. When done right, it adds value to your brand and supports your businesses growth.

Ultimately, think of a brand evolution as more of a mini makeover than a complete transformation. Any changes you make should remain consistent with your existing brand journey aligning with your identity, values and ambitions.


A rebrand is a more time intensive approach that results in a completely new brand identity, transforming the look and feel and the emotional connection your audience has with your business and your products/services. Although some visual elements might remain familiar, every aspect of your branding gets a complete overhaul, including your:

  • Logo and brand assets
  • Website design and content
  • Marketing materials
  • Communication styles 
  • Social Media assets

If you have a redefined vision for the future of your business, a rebrand can help propel your business forward, reinvigorating both your audience and your employees. It gives a strong message to your marketplace that you are committed to making an impact.

Rebranding requires research, a solid strategy based on sound consumer insights, and buy-in from all aspects of the business. Changes like this will be more effective if you take your employees on the change journey with you, so using their input can be a valuable resource for driving the rebrand forward. 

The results can be transformational – helping your business overcome challenges and grab the attention of an entirely new audience.

The risk of standing still

As your business grows, it’s important that you examine how your branding is working for you.

Whatever changes impact your business, industry or audience, you need to make sure that your branding continues to resonate. If it doesn’t, you could lose the trust of your customers and see them go elsewhere.

Brands that stand still can become stagnant in a marketplace where competitors are adapting to changing trends and customer needs.

Don’t underestimate the power that even a subtle change can have in conveying both conscious and subconscious information about your brand. Refreshing your brand refreshes peoples’ perception of your brand – and might even remind them why you’re the best choice.

James Read, Founder, Giant Peach

James founded Giant Peach 2005, and after almost 15 years has grown the company into a successful digital agency with sustainability at its heart, working with ambitious innovative brands including Abel & Cole, The Sustainable Restaurant Association and Go Ape.

If you’ve been considering your brand lately and would like to know which route is best for you then join us in our Evolving V’s Reinventing Your Brand workshop on 4th August 12:00 PM where myself and and Marketing Manager, Helena will be facilitating discussions and practical exercises that will give you tools, inspiration and lots of ideas to help you find the approach that’s right for your brand.

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