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Food plays a key role in our ethos for many reasons. We do the things we love with people we love, and that includes eating. We make time to eat together because we understand the value of observing the tradition of family dining. Communing, sharing, being cooked for – it’s one of life’s great pleasures.

But food isn’t just an opportunity to nourish and catch up. Food, and the industry surrounding it, can be a great catalyst for change and enlightenment (Fairtrade, Pukka Herbs, Soil Association), in as much as it can be a driver for bad practices). Our driving objective to work with good people doing good things means we often have the pleasure of people changing the world one plate at a time.

So we’ve always got our greedy little eyes on the food world, keeping up with what’s hot and delicious. Here’s four of our current faves that you just have to try…

Insects. Yep. You heard us.

Tell all: Bugs and beasties are consumed by 80% of the world’s population, so this is less of a new thing and more about the West playing catch up. Edible insects are packed with nutrients and protein and are ethically more viable than mainstream meats in the UK.

Where to find it: Eat Grub have a delicious line in insect-based products and The Grub Kitchen is now open if you fancy a trip to Wales.

DIY: Ready-to-eat insect snack and nibbles are widely available online and you can pick up a packet of chocolate-covered ants in Selfridges if you’re feeling peckish.

It’s your thing: If you have a taste for the unusual and don’t mind ‘the crunch’…

Turmeric. The super spice.

Tell all: You’ve probably got a little glass jar of turmeric in your spice rack, keeping it handy for when you cook up a curry. Used in Indian cooking for centuries, this potent little root has tonnes of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. Most recently though it’s been harnessed for its nutty, almost sweet flavour as part of the detox culture.

Where to find it: You’ll find dried, ground turmeric in supermarkets and the fresh root in many greengrocers and supermarkets. Careful if you’re using the fresh stuff though – it stains like mad.

DIY: Skip the caffeine and brew yourself a golden milk latte. Full of healing properties and glowingly delicious, it’s a soothing alternative to your first cup of crazy.

It’s your thing: If you’re trying to avoid caffeine for a bit and fancy boosting your immunity.

Poké Bowls. The only Poké you’ll find us chasing.

Tell all: Bowls. Bowls are in right now. Smoothie bowlspower bowlsBuddha bowls – and now poké bowls. A trend imported from Hawaii, these arrestingly colourful dishes are a fusion take on sushi.

Where to find it: Head to Pret for a quick lunch fix, or to ahi poke for something a bit more substantial.

DIY: Use the freshest fish and ingredients packing a nutritional punch and make yourself a bowl for lunch.

It’s your thing: If you need a bit of sunshine in your life.

Kombucha: the hipster drink of choice.

Tell all: Steeped in ancient Chinese history, Kombucha is a ‘tea’ made from fermented bacteria. Said to have probiotic properties and therefore potentially gut-soothing and aides digestion, it has an unusual taste (fizzy and sour) but its fans swear by it.

Where to find it: Widely available in a range of flavours in most health food shops and in some supermarkets.

DIY: The main ingredient of the kombucha is its symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, affectionately referred to by its nurturers as the SCOBY. In the same way that the best sourdough bread uses yeast that’s fed and shared, kombucha makers grow and share their SCOBY with others. So, if you like, you too can make your own super trendy kombucha at home.

It’s your thing: If you have an instagram account dedicated to timelapses of you doing yoga in the sand.

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