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At Giant Peach we’ve become Slackers! Yep, by being Slackers we’re now more productive, all thanks to the messaging app Slack. It’s a fantastic business tool that’s fun to use and allows us to collaborate as a team anytime, anywhere.

We’ve also customised Slack’s personality to make sure it fits in with the rest of the team. Not only is it a channel open to everyone in the company, it can also be used as a direct-message session between two people or different groups, and it’s a great way to communicate about projects, events and topics. We’ve found we’re chatting to each other more like friends and we’re not as formal as we were emailing each other.

We’ve found numerous benefits to Slack – it can integrate with other services we’re using, has a great history and search function, and you never forget to reply or take action as every message, file and comment can be starred. You can see when people are online, oh and you won’t miss out if you’re offline as Slack sends you an email notification everytime someone sends you a message.

As for Slackbot, it’s a fantastic new addition to the team, not only does it help you fill out your user profile but you can customise the way Slackbot responds to certain things. For example whenever ‘James’ is mentioned Slackbot responds ‘James….he’s kind of a big deal’. But as well as being a fun feature there are plenty of work related things you can use it for, such as automating certain tasks.

We can’t remember life before Slack, and what did we do before we had the animated GIFs to bring an element of surprise to our day and a smile to our faces.