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Who doesn’t love May and its two bank holidays?! With bonus days off, we’ve been using the time to press pause, chill and concentrate on the important things in life – family and friends and a nice dose of ‘me’ time. We hope you’ve been doing the same! Why not indulge a little longer by putting your feet up and enjoying our monthly ‘Peachy Keen’ – of what and who’s been inspiring us at Peach HQ.

New website drop: Ideal Collection

With the weather set to warm up, it’s all about blissful brunches and lazy lunches. So when Ideal Collection approached us to revamp their brand and create a website as inviting as their beautiful venues we obvs said a big fat yes! Check out their site here!

Saving the world… quite literally

We love the good guys, and The Planet Mark are certainly leading in that field, a certification programme that recognises organisations’ commitment to continuous improvement in sustainability.

In 2016, we joined Plant Mark and last year at the first Planet Mark Awards Giant Peach won the award for Absolute Carbon Reduction which was a huge milestone for the entire team. We’re super proud that our efforts to save Mother Earth have been recognised.

With the awards ceremony returning this year, we’re very excited to be their headline sponsor! We’re looking forward to sharing the stage with other organisations proving it’s possible to run a competitive business and do good by the planet.

BareAll: The Good Life

We encounter so many amazing people doing good business for people and planet and we want everyone to know about it. Our BareAll events brings together purposeful, ethical and sustainable brands with the aim to listen, learn and leave with new ideas for doing good business better.

Our most recent BareAll gave way to three inspirational speakers who treated us to stories on how they, their projects and businesses found clarity, balance and direction. With a focus on the Good Life (no, not the British sitcom from the 70s) but the warm fuzzy feeling of contentment – it’s fair to say our speakers left us with the feels. Stephanie Seege founder of kAAKAO , the only plant bases, date-sweetened chocolate brand, kicked off proceedings with her story of a bitter-sweet journey and how things will always work out. Author, journalist and broadcaster Francesca Price inspired us with her global communications initiative and exhibition ‘We Feed the World’, telling the story of people behind food supply throughout the world. Last but certainly not least was our final speaker Al Shariat from Coconut Merchant, the world’s largest range of coconut products, ethically sourced and ‘sent around the world with love.’ Their story is a simple, practical guide to anyone looking to incorporate good things into their business. Check out the full blog here.

Peach of the Year!

Every year we get the team together for a day of strategy planning, problem solving and reflection. It’s also a time to recognise what we’ve achieved and the difference each Peach has made. This year we introduced a special accolade to reward an individual who’s created some cracking digital projects including Vive Wellness, Beautiful Joe’s and Vogel’s. Congratulations Sarah – enjoy your meal on James… and don’t forget the champers!

Our newest Peach

Spring isn’t only for new lambs but new humans too! And we were treated to the arrival of this lil cherub – Finlay James McConchie. Our lead designer Euan and his wife Dawn are as proud as punch!

Get back to ‘you’ with these happiness and wellness apps:

We all know the importance of ‘me time’ but how many of us truly take the time to focus on ourselves? As part of our team day each Peach was asked to come up with goals for the next 30 days, in our work but also personally so that we can bring our best selves to our everyday. Some goals included spending more time outside, eating healthier, helping out loved ones at home and spending time journalling. Give it a go, set yourself some goals and invest in YOU. Here a couple of apps that might just help do that…

My Gratitude Journal. For some it’s all about the pen and paper but if you’re someone who prefers to keep everything in one place, or want to practice gratitude on the go then My Gratitude Journal is worth giving a go. It asks you to track five things you’re grateful for every day. It’s surprising how gathering your gratitude can lead to a happier mind.

Headspace. Meditation and mindfulness help decrease stress and increase happiness. Headspace provides mini-meditations and meditations designed for sleep, happiness, work and all other aspects of your life. Many swear by it. Give it a try and get on the mediation train.