Top Tips for a Green Christmas

Christmas isn’t exactly known for being a time of reining it in and conserving money, energy, anything. Unfortunately, from cards and paper to food, more often than not it’s a wasteful attitude we take in order just to get through the season of excess.

But have no fear! We’re here to show you another way! Being champions of the ethical business, we’ve picked up some handy tips and tricks to get you through the festive season without doing too much damage to your pocket and the planet.


Rinsing the electric is par for the course at this time of year.  But it doesn’t have to be a carbon footprint fest if you make a few changes.  LED fairy lights use less energy and give off less heat, making them energy-efficient and safe for your home.

If you’re intending to have one-too-many-Baileys over Crimbo, invest in a timer that’ll ensure your lights get switched off at the end of the day regardless of how many boozy treats you’ve had.


Ah, the sea of plastic we wade through every year. Look, we’re not gonna be preachy here – if it brings joy and is going to get played with, we understand, we won’t be those guys. BUT. There is a lot to be said for giving a different kind of giving. Hand-made edibles are a thoughtful gift, or experiences (trips, tickets, lessons etc).

The other budget-friendly option is to omit grownups from the equation. Once the kid quota goes up you’re looking at a considerable investment. Secret Santa, or a £5 limit on adult spending allows people to look for the fun, thoughtful gifts without breaking the bank.


With more than a billion Christmas cards likely to be dumped or burnt every year, there are a bunch of alternative options to choose from:

  • Ecards: if you still do the annual update to friends and family, ecards can give you that option of saying hi and informing everyone of your amazing achievements, while saving the planet.
  • Charitable giving: These days, the idea of swapping money usually spent on stamps and cards for a charitable donation is common and a statement that most people can get on board with.
  • Recycle! If you love to give and receive the piles of card, make sure you recycle responsibly to avoid cards being burnt or dumped.


It was big news in the food world when Unilver and Love Food Hate Waste released the figures concerning Britons’ favourite meal of the year. According to their research, 4.2 million Christmas dinners are wasted every year, which is a stat more eye watering than chopping onions for yer stuffing. So what can we do?

  • Our good chums at Olio, the amazing app tackling food waste, do a great line in sharing with your neighbours what you can’t use or get through in time.
  • The amazing Love Food Hate Waste suggest sidestepping the usual turkey sarnie on boxing day and getting creative with your leftovers.  
  • Pioneering campaigners Hubbub have some ingenious ideas for using food waste as gifts, download their awesome guide, The Gift of Waste for inspiration.

How are you planning to keep it green this Christmas? Got any top tips? Share them with us! #greenpeachxmas