The Power of Storytelling at Food Matters Live

Food, sustainability, sharing knowledge: Food Matters Live is an event that ticks all our boxes so we’re pretty darned excited to be involved. As part of the Growth Lab sessions on Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd November, James will be talking about attracting the right audience for you through the power of storytelling. These seminars are an opportunity to support and inspire young businesses and those interested in making a difference.

The food industry is the UK’s largest manufacturing sector, with more than £20bn worth of export. Food and drink, farming and retailing is integral to our economy, our way of life and our wellbeing. Our lives are reflected in the foods we consume and the choices we make. Food, and the business of food, can say a lot about the values of a society and provide a narrative to the socioeconomic circumstances we find ourselves in.

Innovation, culture, business, science, mental and physical health and economic trends can all be seen in the way we consume food. The annual Food Matters Live event, held in London’s ExCeL centre, brings together all these aspects to tell the story of a changing world of food, one in which we can all play a role and make a difference.

Running over 3 days, Food Matters Live brings together the cream of the crop with over 450 speakers, 250 exhibitors and 70 leading figures from government, industry, science and health. The conference examines the relationships between food, nutrition and public health outcomes. Expert panelists include Claire Basely, Nutritionist at Ella’s Kitchen, Gary Lavin, founder of VITHIT and Gail Gallie from the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, to name but a few.

How do we fit in? Brands play a huge role in influencing how we consume food in the UK. Sustainability is becoming more important to businesses but how can a growing brand wave the ethical flag while competing against the bigger, more established companies giving consumers what they want for cheaper and with less thought about where their moral compass is swinging?

Successful pioneer brands convert visitors to loyal fans by showing their audiences who they really are and what their passion is. And what better way to get to know someone than by sharing your story? But where to start? And how much of your personal story is relevant to your brand? James, whose personal journey is integral to the Giant Peach brand, shares his insights and provides clear, actionable advice so that all those attending the seminar can tell their own stories, capture the right audience and grow their business ideas into something delicious to feed our futures with.

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