The Coffee Bean Company

A Giant Peach Case Study

Founded in 2010, The Coffee Bean Company is all about ‘beans and machines’, working with businesses in the South to supply them with their caffeine needs – whether a hotel, club, tourist attraction or indeed, a coffee shop. From supply and installation of machines to ingredients, training and maintenance – these guys know their coffee! And with their eye firmly on sustainability too, they’re our kinda guys! Who doesn’t love world-saving caffeine suppliers?!

After building their website back in 2017, we decided to catch up with Director Rob Woodward to see how it’s been working out… and as it turns out, pretty well.

Rob explains: “After inviting a number of local agencies to pitch, James (Read) was the only one who came on his own, and armed with a storyboard of ideas. This made Giant Peach stand out from the outset – the fact they’d bothered to go the extra mile made me think this may well be the agency for us!

“Working with Giant Peach has enabled us to have a really good website but more than that, it’s allowed us to take another look at our business and we’ve rebranded off the back of it, with burnt orange becoming our corporate colour.

“Our previous website (built in 2009) used to generate purely phone enquiries. Now we receive a mixture of calls and emails but the best news is we’ve received a 500% increase in enquiries!    

“The most inspiring thing about working with The Peaches is their culture and ways of working. I’d describe our experience with them as young, fun and creative. We’ve even implemented elements of Giant Peach’s culture into ours. For example, The Peaches have Foodie Fridays where they take it in turns to cook, and now at The Coffee Bean Company, on the last Thursday of every month we have Thursday Table where (the other Director) James or I cook for everyone.

“It goes without saying we’d recommend Giant Peach – absolutely, without hesitation.”

Check out The Coffee Bean Company website and if you need any support with your website or digital needs then give us a holla!