The 12 Days of Christmas eCommerce Tips

The countdown has begun people. In less than a month we’ll be stuffing our faces and sleeping on the sofa, having enjoyed a day of much gratefulness and joy*.

No doubt you’ve already planned and completed your chrissy shopping. No? Oh, well, then you are not alone, with the 23rd predicted as the UK’s biggest shopping day.

If you’re a business with something to sell, now is the time to make a list and check it twice (at least). Many of our lovely clients have online shops and we always advise them to make the most of this lead up to The Big Day.

Here are our 12 top tips for making the most of your ecommerce site and getting your products down those chimneys.   

Platforms & Functionality
Shop Window

Choosing an ecommerce site right for you takes a little research. We love Shopify but we always do our homework to work out which platform’s right for you. Have a look around and if you need help, ask an expert

User Journeys
Travelling from afar

Don’t make your customers embark on a pilgrimage all over your site. Good UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) will take your buyers from landing page to checkout swiftly and smoothly.

Follow the Xmas star

Your site should be a shining beacon and robust SEO can help you sparkle. Google run their algorithms on usability and human connection, amongst other things. And though it can be a dark art, getting your content up to scratch will certainly help. Need help with SEO? We have experts that can help.

Tis the season to be jolly (clear about what you want customers to do)

Getting your content ready for the festive period means taking stock of your CTAs (call to actions). Each page of your website should have a purpose and if you’re in the business of selling, that means giving your customers what they want – to buy your amazing products.

Product Descriptions
Give to receive

Product names and descriptions help customers find what they’re looking for. Do a quick sense-check – are the words you’re using reflective of your brand? Are they speaking the same language as your target audience? Do they have all the information they need to invest?

Put a ribbon on it

Your product images need to be beautifully and professionally shot. If you have the time and resources, think about a few new pics with a seasonal twist; showing your customers products in this way increases the chances of them looking like something they’d like to gift (or indulge in).

All killer, no (stocking) filler

Add icing to the Christmas cake and include videos of products and process, boosting professionalism and trust. If it’s too late in the day for pro vids, make use of your social media and post short clips of your workplace and products, it all builds the relationship.

Christmas special

To get traffic moving to your site, consider a holiday campaign. You don’t have to go full John Lewis, but you can engage and excite and drive sales with a targeted social media push:

  • Create hashtags and invite your followers to take part
  • Focus on one particularly ‘giftable’ product
  • Run a Christmas competition

Xmas Party

Everyone’s feeling a bit more relaxed so now is the time to have fun with social. Campaigns, countdowns, advent calendars, pics and vids are all increasingly personal – and active (you can afford to post a bit more without appearing spammy) around this time. Let your hair down!  

Be responsive

51.3% of traffic coming from mobile devices, and this traffic accounts for 36.8% of sales.

So your shoppers are frantically searching for their gifts on the go. Don’t make life difficult for them! A responsive site is absolutely crucial. If your site is frustrating, clunky or slow on mobile you’ll lose valuable customers. And make sure your checkout process is as smooth and easy on devices as desktop.


Creating a Christmas-specific mailer communicates to shoppers that you’re a festive destination. It ensures they know about campaigns, products and cut-off points. And including your lovely seasonal imagery (and don’t forget the CTAs) will prompt them to think of you when it comes to that letter to santa.

Get those elves ready

Once you’ve got everything in place you can kick back with a mince pie and chill. Unless of course you promised xmas delivery and gift-wrapping, plus you might want to think about additional capacity for the festive influx. Probably best to put that mince pie down and get to work.

If you want to chat about decking your halls and getting Christmas-ready in the digital world, give us a call.

*Family feuds and squabbling children