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Here at Giant Peach we love an empowering story, taking inspiration from our amazing clients on the daily and shouting about it from the rooftops. And it looks like we’re not the only ones taking notice! National media has shone a light on some of the great guys and gals we’ve been working with, showcasing their fantastic work and highlighting how they’re making waves in their industries 🙌.

We Feed The World

Photograph: Pieter Hugo/We Feed the World

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then We Feed The World has created a whole library! Teaming up with distinguished photographers including Rankin and Pieter Hugo, We Feed The World set about celebrating 50 farmers from six continents and portraying how their resilience and knowledge helps to provide 70% of the world’s food. Public enemy number one, climate change has meant these family-run farms have had to use their years of experience to adapt to ensure the rest of the world isn’t left hungry. We Feed The World showcases the little known, but hugely important, impact these innovative and eco-friendly materials and processes are having on the world. The stories are all brought to life through stunning images captured over two years. Got an appetite for more? Check out the coverage in The Telegraph and the Independent or head over to their site to see their (and our 😉) work.

One Planet Plate

Photograph: @FoodMadeGood

Whether it’s grabbing a bite at your favourite restaurant or whipping up a culinary delight at home, not a lot beats tucking into something delicious! But what about those leftovers? Shockingly, a third of food is wasted globally and the journey it takes from field to plate is having a huge impact on our world. This is where One Planet Plate has challenged both chefs and the public to rethink how they source and use food. Not only are these planet-friendly dishes available in restaurants across the country but they’ve collated a list of recipes for you to try at home. With six key criteria, you can see where your chosen meal is having a positive impact and which restaurant submitted it directly to One Planet Plate! Saving the planet and pennies sounds pretty glorious to us! Check out The Guardian’s write up or One Planet Plate’s website!


With the summer holidays nearly upon us, airports will soon see eager jet-setters glued to the departure boards, cursing their delayed flights and hoping their luggage makes it to the same destination. All of this to escape to an idyllic, unspoilt corner of the globe? Save the stress and take a leaf out of Lisa Drewe’s book, quite literally, and explore the beauty that’s hidden around the UK via Islandeering. Lisa has been inspired from a young age by the rugged, natural beauty of our secret British islands and is sharing her experiences and destinations with everyone. Islandeering isn’t always a picnic (although you should take one with you!) but Lisa provides advice on the best circular route, handy info on what to expect when you get there and what’s best to pack to ensure you make the most of the whole island. For some staycation inspo, check out the site where you can also buy Lisa’s book! Take a look at some Scottish highlights captured by the BBC.

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