Small Steps for Huge Change

This is Chameera Gayashan, he’s 19, living in Sri Lanka and he’s pretty chuffed about his new iPad right now.

Chameera was born without legs and abandoned on the doorstep of the Marcsri Home in Kalutara, Sri Lanka. With the help of the incredible charity Rebuilding Sri Lanka, he’s now a brilliant and promising student and this iPad will help him achieve his goals.

The Asian tsunami on the 26th December 2004 killed over 40,000 people in Sri Lanka. Thousands missing were never recovered. Homes were destroyed and over a million people were left homeless and destitute. From day one, Rebuilding Sri Lanka has provided support and rehabilitation to those affected. As part of their continuing mission to rebuild lives, investing in children is a key factor.

The Marcsri Home is a place of refuge for kids; it’s also a starting point on the journey to fulfill potential. Children here are given clothing and food but they’re also supported to grow as individuals with purpose. It’s a charity that believes in empowerment and respect, with a key mission statement being “To give without taking the dignity of the beneficiary”.

We’re a design agency that delivers exceptional digital strategy, so we are realistic about what we can do to change the world. We work for companies that do good things. We make small changes and affect what we can to protect our future and contribute to the longevity of the planet. So, when we get new tech in the office, we don’t sell the ‘old’ stuff, or keep it for ourselves, we give it to people that use it to get ahead when they don’t otherwise have the means.

At Giant Peach we believe in investing in our future. We believe small steps can make huge leaps of change. If giving our old hardware to young people like Chameera affects his life in a small positive way, maybe a chain reaction to bigger things can occur. A better future for everyone – a better place for business that benefits us all. We’re in it together. If we all do just a little bit we can make a difference.