Raw & Vibrant Living

A Giant Peach Case Study

Oh the Raw website, we love it. It’s eye-catchingly beautiful and pops right out of the cyber space to grab your attention and spark your senses, which was the whole point of why the Raw team came to us – to create a site that would entice and excite new and existing customers, showcase the brand and spread the word about an alternative way of eating.

Elevated eating

Raw are driven by a desire for people to live their best lives through energising and balanced foods. They’re changing the way people approach wellbeing by changing the way they approach eating. Their products are whole, handcrafted, vegan, organic and, quite frankly, delicious. From crunchy crispbreads to creamy chocs, the ingredients and products up for grabs aren’t the kind of thing you’d expect from ‘raw food’.

How do they do it?

Raw foods aren’t sweaty carrot sticks in a bag or holier-than-thou dried mung beans masquerading as crisps. The food on offer here is “soaked, sprouted, never heated above 42°”, and because it’s heated slowly it retains all its goodness without losing any of its tastiness. The ingredients are organic and vegan and infused with all sorts of delicious flavours, making the snacks and ingredients an exciting base or accompaniment to your every day eating. It’s “mindful nourishment with respect for mother earth.” Count us in!

The brief

Dedicated to delicious healthy food, Raw wanted a site to reflect their foodie tendencies as well as being a tool for communication. They were clear about their vision for the site and requested a vibrant and fluid user experience, beautiful photography and engaging copy delivering key messages.

Cooked to perfection

Our in-house photographers nailed the brand personality with mouth-watering product and recipe shots, and the site colour palette is a veritable feast for the eyes – lifting the energy of the build right off the page. The areas of copy we were tasked with speak volumes and clearly resonate the dedication Raw Health have to their mission.

The design of the site needed to be fluid and energetic and the team delivered over and above with the cool sliding/rotating banner and navigation that’s both easy-to-use and quirky enough to feel different without alienating existing Raw lovers. The ‘find a stockist’ feature is quick and simple and works beautifully on mobile, as does the inspiring recipes filter, making it easy for foodies to use Raw products and ingredients.

All in all it’s a sophisticated site build-wise, yet also managing to be fun – packed with personality and love, just like the Raw Health brand.

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