Peachy Keen: From Blue to Who?

Blue Monday? Nah, Peachy vibes only!

Did you feel the effects of #BlueMonday? Well we’re bringing you a different shade in the shape of Peachy Keen, the first in our series of monthly blogs featuring what and who is inspiring us at Peach HQ.

Yes it’s dark, yes it’s cold(ish)… global warming we’re looking at you. But with the new year comes plenty of opportunities, new things to discover and projects yet to ace! Sharing is caring, so we wanted to share what’s inspiring us and what we’re looking forward to in 2019!

The Go Getters!

Jo Bradshaw

What better time to set some goals and challenge yourself than the beginning of a new year. We’re feeling super motivated by one of our go getter clients, Jo Bradshaw from Discover Adventure. Jo has climbed Mount Everest, reaching the summit despite an earthquake, completing five other summit climbs and is looking to complete two more for charity. We were delighted to work with Jo to tell her inspirational story of breaking from the norm, building confidence and finding a life with ‘immeasurable richness’. Check out the video we created for Jo. Why not venture into the great outdoors, get your body moving and challenge yourself in 2019? You never know where it may take you!

Aping around

Euan GoAPe

We’re super excited about one of our upcoming projects in 2019. The Peaches will be working with GoApe to redesign their website with a focus on a new approach of challenging  yourself and getting outdoors. Watch this space for developments! A few of The Peaches were lucky enough to hang out in the trees and experience the GoApe adventure!

Green Army Making Moves

Ethically conscious shopping exploded in 2018 and seems to be more than a passing trend… which as Planet Mark Award Winners is music to our ears . Consumers are actively looking to seek out sustainable alternatives to make a difference in the world showing that it’s possible to do good business and be one of the good guys. There’s never been a better time for businesses who are passionate about sustainability, so join us as we take a look at potential movers and shakers for 2019.

Digital Trends

New year, new tech. We love this time of year, excitedly waiting to see what new technologies are on the horizon to help benefit the world around us. Here are just a few we’re buzzing about from this year’s CES – the gathering place for new technologies. 

Beelife Cocoon – Speaking of buzz, you know the fellas, balls of fluff, floating from flower to flower. Bees, not just a joy to have around, an essential part of human civilization that are facing serious problems. Pesticides, stress factors from humans and mites all are challenging the bee population. Enter ‘The Cocoon’, a high tech beehive created to take advantage of mites weaknesses – heat using top-mounted solar power. It even has a built in sound alarm to warn if someone tries to steal the hive.

Impossible Burger 2.0 – Engineering at its finest. A meat free burger that’s loaded with next-gen iron-carrying molecule heme (yes, this is a thing!) that gives meat its distinctive flavour. The cleverly engineered burger gets its flavour from genetically engineered yeast that produces heme from soy, giving a beefy texture and similar nutrition. A burger to benefit the planet. So if you can’t fully commit to not eating meat this is a great place to start – making a difference doesn’t have to feel like a sacrifice.

Touch Point – ‘Wellness’ a buzz word we’re all accustomed to now, but can technology help with our daily stresses or hinder them? Touchpoint Basic is a watch sized device developed by neuropsychologist Amy Serin that emits haptic vibrations to reduce the psychical effects of stress in just 30 seconds, slowing your heartbeat and eliminating butterflies in your belly.

So there we have it, a juicy little slice of what’s inspiring The Peaches this January. Watch this space for monthly updates from Peach HQ. Want to tell us about your brand or a latest development that’s rocking your world then please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.