Peach Hero – Jo Bradshaw

Ah the go getters, those people that step out of the ordinary to challenge themselves for something they are passionate about. The people that are so authentically them they turn their work into a lifestyle. It’s certainly something that gets our creative juices flowing, we just love ‘em!

Enter Jo Bradshaw. Jo has reached the summit of Mount Everest, completed five other summit climbs and is looking to complete two more for charity. What a champ!  We were so inspired by her story we felt compelled to capture it in the best way we know… beautiful, scenic film! We can’t move mountains, but we love to help clients climb them (couldn’t resist).

We caught up with Jo to share her experience of working with The Peaches:

“I heard about Giant Peach through my work with Discover Adventure and was really impressed with their relaxed but get it done attitude. Everyone at Giant Peach is friendly and welcoming. Just great, fun people to be around!

Through the whole process The Peaches were focused and adaptable to ensure a great video was created from our two fun days of filming on location. It’s just the beginning but I’m confident the video created by Giant Peach will help gain more followers and funding for my 7 summits challenge for children’s mental health charity Place2Be. I’d highly recommend The Peaches!”

Looking to get your story out there? Pick up the old dog and bone or get digital and drop us a line .  

Jo Bradshaw, Peach Hero