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Google’s algorithm change on 21st April is set to demote sites that aren’t mobile-friendly on mobile searches – which, btw, are projected to exceed desktop searches by nearly 2 billion this year. Wow.

The new algorithm will identify and label websites that are mobile friendly. So. if your website is awarded the mobile friendly label, it will rank higher in mobile search results – hurrah! Unfortunately, it works both ways, so if your site isn’t mobile-friendly you will see your website’s rank drop as of April 21st. Boo.

So what are the benefits of a responsive design? From a consumer perspective, searchers will find more relevant information that aligns with their gadgets’ screens. As a business, you increase your chances of appearing prominently in search results. What’s more, 66% of consumers are more likely to purchase from mobile friendly sites, which is impressive reading, but also pretty unsurprising when you think about it.

You’ve probably experienced it for yourself – the irrational and blinding rage that accompanies attempting to surf a website not optimised for your smartphone. Flash video you’ll never be able to experience. Teeny tiny fonts. The zooming. The endless scrolling. Frantically mashing buttons spaced too closely together that will take you literally anywhere bar where you actually need to go.

Do you want that to be the experience someone takes away after trying to interact with your brand? Thought not.

I witnessed a commuter the other day who hurled their phone across the train table gesticulating wildly and hissing How can they not have a decent mobile site in this day and age? HOW?!?!  Instead of the usual British alarm at any public outpouring of emotion, fellow commuters simply nodded sagely, retrieved the phone and offered their sympathies, alongside easy-to-access alternatives for the poor, frustrated little mite.

True story.

Simply put, if your site isn’t responsive designed, you could have the most amazing product in the world, but the likelihood is your customers will seek out one of your competitors’ mobile-friendly websites, where they can browse or buy with ease. Soz.

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