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How do you effectively promote your business in just under four minutes? The answer: use motiongraphics all wrapped up in a neat, digestible video.

Motion graphics bring information and data to life through animation and are a brilliant way to engage viewers and hold their attention. Need a point of reference? Think BBC News and its coverage of Election 2015. As the results unfolded, key data was represented by animated bar graphs and even a house of cards depicting the depletion of Liberal Democrat seats. As a result, the long, drawn out hours waiting to see if the exit poll was accurate were infinitely more enjoyable given the use of motion graphics over static content.

Promotion in motion

When our chums at Longford Estates asked us to create a video that successfully conveyed their extensive and complex business, we knew motion graphics were the way to go.

Longford Estates consists of four separate businesses – the Longford Farms, the Trafalgar Fisheries, the Trafalgar Smokehouse and the estate itself. And whilst there was more than enough compelling content to create a feature length film, our goal was to effectively promote their key attributes without losing the viewer.


Here’s why we opted for motion graphics

Motion graphics allow you to communicate a lot of information in a short space of time. Something that is crucial given the many distractions of the Internet and dare we say it, users’ short attention spans.

By opting for motion graphics we were able to create a short, but visually appealing, video for Longford Estates that focused on every aspect of their business. And because the end result is short and sweet, even the most easily distracted viewer will get a sense of what they have to offer, as well as hear the important call to action.

Btw, Ryan’s motion graphics video takes pride of place on their homepage. It’s the first thing visitors see so it instantly captures their interest and delivers the estate’s impressive story.

Here’s why you should consider motion graphics

Whether you’re promoting your business, services or products on your website or via social media, motion graphics can be fun as well as informative and are easily digestible. Just as static infographics are a brilliant tool for presenting shareable data and information, motion graphics enable you to ramp up the delivery of your message just that little bit further.

Other benefits you’ll love include cheaper production costs and their popularity on social media. Give your public what they want and they’ll do the sharing for you, that is, promote your business, products and services. As long as your data is accurate, engaging and visually appealing, they’ll run with it.

Fancy putting motion graphics to the test? Why not get in touch and see how we can bring your self-promotion to life with animated graphics, a compelling voiceover and a cracking soundtrack? Yep, we can turn our creative hands to just about anything.