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We catch up with Euan and how he goes about his working day.




UI Designer

Tea or Coffee?

On the rare occasion I drink hot liquid I tend to opt for a Tea – milk, one sugar. Otherwise I’m found quaffing on mother nature’s H2O.

What’s the first thing you do when you get in the office?

Fire up the Mac and stash my lunch in the fridge.

What’s your timekeeping/workload management secret?

I like to keep things traditional and make notes.

Do you have a way to ‘come at’ the day?

By picking things up where I left

What do you love most about your day?

Being creative.

What’s your least favourite part of the day?

Dragging myself out from the confines of my 10.5 Tog rated duvet first thing in the morning.

Top stress-busting tip?

I’ve got two young girls and have had to develop superhuman levels of patience, the benefit being that it now takes a lot to get me stressed. Although I’m not sure I’d advise having children just for sake of acclimatising yourself with stress.

What’s on your desk right now?

Glass of water, phone, pad and pen.

Do you listen to music/the radio/podcasts etc during the day?


What are you listening to right now?

Tame Impala

When do you take your first break? And what do you tend to do?

Usually around 11am and tends to centre around the pool table.

What do you do when you have a creative block?

Take a break away from what I’m doing, take the time to focus on something completely different and seek out some inspiration.

What do you take into meetings?

Trusty Pen and Pad.

What’s for lunch?

A Sandwich or what was left from the previous night’s dinner.

How do you decide to call it a day?

When things reach their natural conclusion.