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James was unfortunately kicked out of his office by Corrina and Abby (force in numbers!) and he had no choice but to set up camp in the meeting room. He lived there very unhappily for a quite a few months, not only was he lonely in there on his own but he felt very unsettled. His desk was dizzy as it had been moved around so much, every time one of the peaches went in to see him his desk had been moved to yet another part of the room.

James was struggling to get internet connection which wasn’t ideal for the owner of a digital agency (this might have prompted him to install fibre optic broadband but that’s another story).

After a shift around in the barn James decided there was room to build him a shiny new office next to Corrina and Abby’s. The speedy workers of Salisbury Glass came in and built him a new glass office in just under four minutes, amazing!