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Disclaimer: Image taken before lockdown- we are not gathered round a table together!

Now that we’re over a week into COVID-19 lockdown and are settling into a new way of being, we wanted to reassure you all – our existing clients, friends and clients-to-be – that it is business as (un)usual for us here at Giant Peach. 

As a digital agency, which prides itself on being pretty good at computer stuff, it would be slightly embarrassing if we couldn’t make working from home… well, work. Besides, all of us Peaches have done a fair amount of it already and are pretty well versed in the art, thanks to the office’s commitment to flexible working.

So we’re here, we’re fired up and we’re ready to help with whatever you need!

But if you’re at all worried about anything in particular, here are some answers to the questions you might have. 

How can you help when you’re all remote working?

Because we’re a digital business, and we already had a fair amount of familiarity with working from home, this has been a pretty easy transition for us. We are using some brilliant software to stay in touch and manage projects, and talking to each other and our clients regularly. We are lucky enough to have been able to take home our macbooks, PC’s, secondary screens, hard drives, mice and keyboards, our Herman Miller chairs (and even loo roll); we have everything we need.

Do meetings need to be postponed?

Absolutely not. If anything, we would encourage more meetings via video-conferencing to help everyone feel more connected on a personal level. Email and phone calls are great, but it’s lovely to see your face, too.

I was really looking forward to your upcoming events. Do you know what you plan to do in terms of re-arranging?

You heard it here first; we’re taking High Growth Collective digital. Stay tuned for more news – but don’t take it out of your diary! 

It’s not just High Growth Collective that’s going online, either – we’re planning lots of digital events specifically designed to help businesses get through this uncertain time. Look out for Stay Peachy, our free digital series. For all online events check out our Eventbrite.Giant Peach- Stay Peachy Series

Some things must have been cancelled, surely?

Of course, even we’re not totally immune from the effects of the lockdown. Any photography and videography shoots which were planned to include people are sadly now on hold. 

What are you doing to help support the team?

Mental health and wellbeing are incredibly important at Peach HQ, and never more so than now. We are checking in with each other multiple times a day; keeping to our daily elevenses and “threesies” social catch ups and having open discussions about both the challenges and opportunities the business faces. We are also encouraging the Peaches to adapt their hours if they need to; for example, if they have young children at home, to take their moments to work when they can!

What is the best way to get in touch?

Our main phone line is working as normal, and you’ll be diverted to whoever you’d like to speak to when you call in. And you can of course email.

We look forward to hearing from you, virtually seeing you and eventually welcoming you back at the barn.

Stay safe and stay in touch.