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As you may already know, Giant Peach is an ethical digital agency. As well as being committed to our own sustainability efforts we make it our business to partner with companies that are changing the world, as well as their marketplace. Discover Adventure is one such inspiring organisation. So we thought we’d tell you a bit more about our partnership with this fantastic client, giving you the inside scoop on their important activity around the world.

A spotlight on Discover Adventure

Founded by Jonathan Bryan in 1994, Discover Adventure designs and delivers worldwide adventure challenges. From trekking Ben Nevis to climbing Kilimanjaro, it helps people to fulfil their personal ambitions whilst fundraising for the causes they care about. Whether you want to get fit, break out of your comfort zone or make a difference, the team runs more than 150 challenges each year, in over 29 countries, for corporate, charity and school groups, as well as individuals. Fundamentally, the company enables its customers to embark on once in a lifetime experiences, and achieve something they may not have thought possible.

But Discover Adventure is about more than delivering unforgettable travel experiences. With fundraising at its core, the company’s participants have raised over £85 million for Charities across the UK. As well as this, the business takes responsible tourism seriously – giving back to the communities it encounters. Discover Adventure has been a long term partner of an environmental NGO in Peru, helping to plant 67,000 trees to reforest the Lares Valley.

Now, following the devastating 2015 earthquake in Nepal, the company is actively involved with the Support Rural Nepal Project. The Nuwakot District in Nepal was one of the worst affected areas following the earthquake and the project is designed to rebuild the community with sustainable and long-term resettlement. After sending donations of over £5,000 to the area, Discover Adventure are now running a Nepal Project Trek, which enables fundraisers to trek through the Langtang valley before directly participating in the re-build project.

So, if you’re feeling the need to break out of your comfort zone, why not begin your adventure on Discover Adventure’s website? They’ve got loads more information about all the amazing challenges they run, from trekking in Borneo, cycling to Paris to completing an Arctic Adventure. The choice is yours!

How we work together

We’re involved with this inspirational work by creating videos for Discover Adventure. Whatever the latest challenge or the newest destination on the radar, our invaluable in-house videographer, Ryan, gets sent the raw footage and puts it all together. He edits, adds graphics, refines it and incorporates a great soundtrack. As well as effectively communicating Discover Adventure’s vital work, the videos truly bring these inspiring adventure challenges to life. You can check out some of the latest videos here!

Helping our partners help the world

The Peaches are delighted to tell Discover Adventure’s story. As an ethical digital agency, it’s really important to us to partner with companies that share our commitment to making a difference and we know our clients feel the same, too. And, like our founder, James, pointed out at our last BareAll event: “Essentially, it’s our customers who are doing the really life-changing stuff. But if by working with them we can make their organisations more successful, I’m happy we’re doing our job and making our agency a force for good in the world.”

Think your organisation would benefit from video? Drop Ryan a line at ryan@giantpeachagency.com. Or if you’re keen to partner with an ethical agency that shares your vision, get in touch with James at james@giantpeachagency.com for more information.