Harnessing future talent

Harnessing future talent and using that talent for good is a key part of the Giant Peach #makeadifference ethos. What better way to capture the imagination of the next generation than by encouraging them to be part of the change we need to see in this world?

Learning from each other

App Design Day is a chance for 6th form students to come on down to GPHQ and become part of the team. We asked pupils at Kingdown School not just to learn about sustainability but to own it. This session’s focus was to develop an app to solve a problem based around climate change – a huge task with massive scope – perfect for those limitless imaginations…

Thrashing out ideas, creating something tangible, seeing their vision come to light and having feedback on their work is all part of this invaluable process. Invaluable for us too – it keeps us fresh and takes us out of our comfort zones. Hearing different perspectives, teaching and learning are all two-way streets and the day was just as valuable to us as it was to the students.

The technical detail…

The day started with a brainstorming session to come up with existing problems that the app could provide a solution to. After getting everything out and deciding on five ideas each (prolific!), we chatted through each and narrowed it down to two final ideas with a team allocated to each and set to work.

The teams worked through the problems and benefits for the app before moving on to wireframes. The teams used the whiteboard wall – an expanse of the barn wall we use to scribble our thoughts and ideas on – and wireframes were planned out for five screens of their apps.

Branding’s the next stop in the creation of any app so it was moodboards a-plenty, creative briefs developed to send to the GP design team and the marketing planned – all before breaking for a well-earned lunch. We take our eating seriously at Giant Peach, it’s a chance to socialise and learn more about each other and this was no exception. The students were full of questions about agency life and we’re always happy to chat about the thing we love.

Bringing to life

After lunch we moved onto the creative stage. The teams worked with Giant Peach creative team and in this case it was down to Joey and Pete to bring the student’s vision to life. When the logo and branding was finalised it was time to pitch to Ed and Tom.

Pitch Perfect

Bowled over by the ideas and how they pitched them, both Ed and Tom had a tonne of positive feedback for the students and their apps. We can’t give too much away but we reckon the output of the day could definitely be something you might use in the future management of your energy and carbon emissions.

Watch this space!