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A buzz phrase that’s been doing the rounds for a while now, ‘snackable content’ is a must for a business trying to stick its head above the crowded markets of competition.

What is snackable? It’s a bite-sized treat for viewers. It’s quick and easy to digest and keeps you going (entices the audience) until you get to the main course (your product or service). If you’re in a place to put out these tasty little morsels for your guests, you’ve got a better chance of your content being shared and getting yourself ahead of the game.

While there are no hard and fast rules to the snackable, there are a few defining factors:

  • Short
  • A message that must be gasped quickly and easily
  • Fun (preferably)
  • Gives your viewers an insight into your brand personality

Infographics are a perfect example of snackable content. They’re quick and easy to read; perfect for pinning and tweeting and they’re usually nice to look at.

The less text the better though. Snackables are scan-read, not something to be snuggled up with, so an increasingly popular snackable treat is the video. The viewer just presses play – no reading, no scrolling – just a quick watch on a break for a bit of light relief (but all the while strengthening their relationship with you).

Enter the Giant Peach ‘Who’ vids…

who? who?
who? who?

Our audience was crying out to know a bit more about the Peaches. It’s one thing to say you’re young and dynamic, but could we prove it? And who would be qualified to test our young and cool-ness?

Francis (Corrina’s son) and Madeline (Dawn’s daughter) are very young and very cool. We gave them free reign on the questions to test our relevancy and were put through our paces to say the least (boom, snap, clap anyone?).

Without any rehearsal whatsoever (though Francis did demand a meeting with James beforehand, to discuss his terms presumably), Francis and Madeline were absolute pros and grilled the Peaches real good.

The hardest things about filming these shorts were a) keeping the kids still for longer than 30 seconds and b) trying not to laugh for the entirety of filming. We had such a blast making the Who vids. They were quick, fun and they introduce our team in a unique way that highlights our family values.

Quick and easy to watch, fun, and upbeat – a delicious little bite of Giant Peach: the perfect snack.

If you fancy making your own snackable vid, get in touch with Ryan for a bit of peachy advice.