Giant Peach Went Sailing

As a remote-first agency, we relish the chance to get together and see each other in the flesh, so last week we ditched our desks and donned life jackets for a day of sailing.

This is what we got up to:

We arrived at the marina in Lymington in the morning and were greeted with hot coffees and bacon rolls (yes please).

After splitting into two teams, we boarded a couple of Lymington Yacht Charter’s sailboats. Then, after a safety briefing explaining how not to fall overboard (very important given the child-like excitement amongst the group), we set sail! Shout out to our skippers Graham and Andrew for being absolute pros. 

Non-surprisingly the weather was grey (hello English weather) which meant we didn’t need to put the sails up and were even forced to shelter below deck for a while due to heavy rain. At this point, some members of the team kitted up and braved the rain, albeit only for a couple of mins as they quickly retreated below deck.

Highlights of the boat trip

  • When Sarah was in charge and she took a sharp right and did a doughnut 
  • Dan taking every chance he could to become ‘captain Dan’
  • Enjoying some prosecco on board

We sailed down to the Needles, and then back up to The Hut, a beachside restaurant specialising in seriously fresh seafood, for lunch.

The food at The Hut was *chefs kiss*. Starters included octopus and a sea bass sashimi dish, and then we devoured our mains which were a huge platter of surf n turf, including T-bone steak, lobsters, prawns and bone marrow as well as sauces and sides for sharing. 

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the scenes of lobster flying everywhere as we chowed down and cracked open the shells! 

Desserts were also super yummy; a choice of either a selection of seven bite-sized desserts or a cheese board.

The dinner was a great opportunity to bond as a team; we chatted and laughed over cocktails, and Sarah even delivered a poem about the day! Then we headed back to our boats.

Feeling satisfied (and a little tipsy), we split back into our groups and decided to race each other back to Lymington. The winning team was skipper Andrew’s! 

Even with a few proseccos, thankfully no one ended up in the water, although there were a few moments that it looked likely!

We all hung out at The Haven in the marina and debriefed from the day with (shock) more drinks. It was great to discuss our best bits before heading back to the minibus and back to Salisbury.

Team days like this are important to any company, but for us more so. Not only does most of the team choose to work from home, but some of us are located further afield. That’s why it’s super special when we all hang out face-to-face and get to know each other better. 

The whole team thoroughly enjoyed this day out, and we’re excited to plan another one soon! 

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