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Did you know 2014 was the Year of Code? Well it was. Digital development is increasingly recognised as being key to the evolution of not just business but in all aspects of life.

Earlier this year, in order for Britain to lead the ‘global race in innovation’, coding became part of the UK curriculum. Former mega music managers started up 10x, an agency hawking out the talents of high profile coding professionals, marking the rise of the rock star developer.

At Giant Peach we see ourselves as part of the innovation race. It’s crucial to enable young people to discover their talents. So it made sense for Giant Peach founder, James Read, to invite students from Kingdown School into the barn for an app development day. It was a day that would envelop the whole process of digital development, showing students that technology has opportunities for every person, every sphere of creativity and every level of capability.

The agenda for the day included sessions on working together to find solutions creatively; developing concepts; branding and marketing; the technical and practical aspects of building an app; eating pizza and finally, to end the day, a feedback session where the students prepared a pitch and presented it to the Giant Peach team.

Not just a tour of an office (where a junior member of staff leads you around and talks at you for an hour), it’s not work experience (where you stuff envelopes all day in a corridor): this was an opportunity to be part of a team that does things differently. A successful business taking a fresh look at the issue and inspiring young minds to approach work positively. It was a chance to create and develop something out of nothing, from beginning to end. This kind of experience is essential and rewarding and if you don’t believe us, ask them: