From Our Family To Yours

Chriiiistmas time, mistletoe and (lots of) wine! As 2019 draws to an end, and our livers recover from copious amounts of beverages at our Christmas shindig, we’ve taken the time to press pause for some reflection amongst the December mayhem. 

Giant Peach Christmas Do

Looking back at the last 12 months definitely spread some feel good vibes at the barn, with lots of exciting projects nailed (celebratory blog to follow, keep your peepers peeled). But our proudest achievement is one we keep coming back to year on year, it’s not big or fancy but something that underpins everything we do at Peach HQ – our family values.

Peaches are picked for optimum fit and encouraged to bring their quirks to work. Resulting in some very interesting conversations and entertaining moments you wouldn’t find in your average office and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We believe if you haven’t got to worry about putting on your ‘work self’ each day you’ll be much more present and comfortable to perform at your best, just being you!

Family values have always been at the core of Giant Peach, taking time to remember the important things in life, we eat, drink and chill together. Long standing traditions continue with weekly yoga and Foodie Fridays when we share a meal cooked by a member of the team together. 

As with everything there’s always room to learn and grow and with increased projects in 2019 we identified quality break times had been neglected. As much as we love all things digital, our minds were calling out for some screen breaks.

Enter Elevensies! Time to stop what we’re doing, escape the screens and settle down for some chit chat and biccies. The result? We return to our desks refreshed from a good laugh and ready to get back to producing amazing work. And a built in bonus: the time spent chatting to each other is often more productive than emailing! 

Giant Peach Family Values

Our family values of respect, support and collaboration don’t stop at the barn though, we like to think of our clients as part of the extended Giant Peach family. Creating open and honest relationships so you know where you stand whilst getting to know everyone you’re working with on a human level. It’s even been known for clients to set up camp at Peach HQ as they enjoy the vibe so much.

Giant Peach Family Values

With regular events, workshops and catch-ups planned for our clients in 2020 we’re excited to spend more time with our extended family. As we head full swing into festivities we wanted to send a big fat Merry Christmas from our family to yours and can’t wait to welcome even more to the Giant Peach family in 2020!

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