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It’s massively important to each and every one of the Peaches to encourage farming that’s good for the planet. That’s why we support the Cafédirect Producers’ Foundation, and why we’re giving you the lowdown on this fantastic group of people today…

Putting it all in context

Smallholder farmers are absolutely essential when it comes to food production. In fact, these growers produce as much as 70% of the world’s food, even though they’re small-scale in nature, managing areas from around one to ten hectares. And that’s where, the UK-registered charity, the Cafédirect Producers’ Foundation, comes in. Set up by the fair-trade trailblazer, Cafédirect, the company’s activity centres on improving the livelihoods of smallholder farmers. The foundation works with growers, and their organisations, running a variety of remarkable programmes, which reach 280,000 smallholder farmers – who grow tea, coffee and cocoa – across 12 countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

So, what does the foundation do?

It’s an organisation led by smallholder producers, for smallholder producers. It knows the sheer experience and expertise that exists in rural farming communities, and it’s all about creating opportunities for them to share and build on their knowledge. In practice, this means smallholder farmers shape the Cafédirect Producers’ Foundation’s strategy, programmes and focus, including governance structure and how they work on an everyday basis.

How can you get involved?

As we’re such champions of the Cafédirect Producers’ Foundation’s work, we’re pleased to actively support their campaigns. If you also want to make a difference and back the incredible things the organisation is doing – whether that’s by making a donation or through fundraising – head on over to JustGiving. Increasing awareness is also invaluable, so start spreading the word about the foundation’s various activities with friends, family and on social media!