Embracing the 9-Day Fortnight

In the ever-evolving landscape of the modern workplace, the traditional 5-day workweek is no longer the only option for employees seeking a better work-life balance.

The 9-day fortnight is an innovative work schedule that promises not only enhanced well-being for employees but also the freedom to pursue passions and interests outside of the office- that’s why we’re all for it! 

Understanding the 9-day fortnight

The 9-day fortnight, also known as a compressed work schedule, is a unique approach to organising work hours. Instead of the typical 5-day, 40-hour workweek employees on a 9-day fortnight schedule work eight days in a two-week period, followed by one day off. Essentially, they work 9 days in a row but enjoy a three-day weekend every other week.

Why are we doing it?

Earlier this year, we proudly achieved our B-Corp certification. For those familiar with this rigorous process, it entails a thorough examination of every area of a business. We realised our team’s well-being was a big deal. So, we went all in and rolled out the 9-day fortnight schedule.

So, here’s the scoop on why we went for the 9-day fortnight:

  • First off, it gives our employees longer weekends. That extra day off lets them kick back with family and friends, dive into hobbies, or just do the stuff they’re super passionate about.
  • Plus, when our team is happy and fulfilled, it creates good vibes at work. Better morale and a cool work atmosphere gets everyone pumped up and creating some awesome work.
  • Last but not least, by giving our team more time to chill and do what they love, we’re banking on a major boost in their well-being. That’s the kind of boost that can support their mental and physical health in the best possible way.

Getting the 9-Day Fortnight Rolling

  • First off, we gathered the whole gang for a sit-down where we talked through the best way to pull this off and brainstormed any roadblocks we might face.
  • We mixed things up by teaming up folks from different departments who don’t usually work together. But don’t worry, our operations are still running smooth as butter. Clients, no need to fret – there’s always someone here to have your back!
  • We even got super organized and mapped out the schedule a whole year ahead. That way, our team can juggle their workloads like pros and hit those deadlines.
  • Right now, it’s in trial mode for a year, and it’s like a bonus for the rock stars on our team who meet certain performance goals.
  • We’re keeping a close eye on how this is affecting everyone. We’re checking in on our crew’s well-being and keeping tabs on productivity. If we need to tweak things, we’re ready to roll with it.

Out with the old and in with the new

The 9-day fortnight is a promising solution to the age-old challenge of achieving work-life balance. By offering employees an extra day off every other week, organisations can boost morale, improve productivity, and enhance overall well-being. We’re all about those wins, and this is a big one. People get to do what they love outside of work, and at the same time, they’re still doing the best work of their lives at Giant Peach. It’s a win-win, and we’re loving every minute of it!

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