Big in 2019: Video Marketing

At Peach HQ, we’re convinced video is going to be one of THE most important elements of content marketing in 2019. And we’re not the only ones who think so, get this:

“By next year, online content will consist of 80% video marketing, with mobile consumption of video content continually rising by 100% annually.” Forbes 2018

Video isn’t just another up and coming marketing tool, it’s already here, it’s making an impact and it’s only going to get bigger. Luckily, using it for your brand doesn’t have to be scary! Let us explain…

Why is video marketing exploding?

It’s all to do with those tiny computers we all carry in our hands every day – 90% of video content is watched on mobile!  And with smartphone use rising, the audience for video is rising too.

Video on phone

Let’s face it, having the world at our fingertips means we’re getting a bit lazy too! Watching video is so much easier (and more entertaining!) than digesting textual information, especially when you’re on the go. Four times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product, rather than read about it.

Social media means that brands have direct access to huge audiences to share their video content with. With ever-evolving platforms like Facebook Live, Instagram Stories/TV and Snapchat there are SO many opportunities for connecting with audiences in a real and authentic way. It doesn’t have to be polished and perfect!

Five reasons why we love video

If you’re not already convinced, here are the top reasons why we think video is such an amazing tool:

  1. It improves your web traffic

Not only does video drive traffic to your website (Google loves it!), it also encourages people to stay there for longer too. Promoting your videos across social media channels helps drive even more visits. Amazingly, just using the word “video” in an email subject line has been found to significantly increase open rates.

One example of a brand who are nailing their video content is American fast food giant, Taco Bell. It therefore comes as no surprise that they’re up to a huge 1.2 million Instagram following, 1.9 million Twitter fans, and over 73,000 YouTube followers.

  1. It helps deliver your brand message

Video is an amazing tool for making an emotional connection with your customers, while also communicating messages relating to your brand values and purpose. A company we seem to mention a lot, Iceland, has shown just how impactful this can be. Their banned 2018 Christmas advert (originally created by Greenpeace) highlighting the devastating impact of the palm oil industry went viral and received millions of views across multiple platforms. Turns out they didn’t need TV advertising after all!

  1. It helps win sales!

Video has the power to showcase and bring products to life in ways that text and photos can’t. Food brand Bonsan has a goal to make eating vegan food more accessible. We created a series of recipe videos for them to share across their social media channels to showcase their products and give followers ideas for how they can create their own vegan-friendly recipes. Take a look here!

  1. It educates

Video doesn’t just have to be entertaining (though it helps!), it’s a great tool for learning too. Using it to show people how to use a product, while also reinforcing the value it adds to their lives can be really powerful. According to Google, searches related to “how to” on YouTube have grown 70% year on year! Even last year’s Bake-Off winner, Rahul Mandal admits he was self-taught using How To videos!

Although not a food brand, we have to mention Gillette’s top performing video on YouTube, Manscape: How to Shave: Shaving Down There! It’s creative, fun, informative and to date has had over 9 million views!

  1. It’s brilliant for customer support

Using video for your FAQs or providing visual instructions to customers saves everyone’s time! And, it saves businesses money by providing at-the-ready support resources instead of relying solely on expensive customer support teams. We recently launched our Peach Snaps series, offering tips and advice on tackling the digital world.

BTS Peach Snaps

Make video work for your business

The good news is that video marketing is accessible to every business! There are so many options; from 6-second Snapchat clips, highly polished Instagram Stories to expertly produced adverts.

The key to making video work for YOUR brand lies in integrating it into your existing marketing and communication plans. You need to think about your intended audience and where it will be shared, before planning the length and format.

Are you looking to incorporate more video into your content marketing plans? We’d love to know what you think. And if you need any help, just give us a shout.