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New year new you! Well, not quite; new year, same core values and ethos of doing the good stuff for the good people. But we are looking to what’s a-movin and a-shakin in our various zones of genius. So what are the Peaches excited about in 2018? We explore in this mini series.

Corrina takes a peek at what’s on the cards for content and marketing in 2018.

Contextual marketing

Targeted advertising based on our online preferences is on the up, further adding to what we already know about focusing on your ideal audience being the most effective way to do business. Contextual marketing is sort of the point of everything in 2018. Instead of flinging your marketing budget at a shiny new campaign about you, do your research. What’s going on in your audience’s bubble right now? What’s worrying them and firing them up? Use our content marketing paper to get started on a plan.

Building relationships

The focus for creating content and copy in 2018 must be that of the relationship. Since google updated its algorithms, we know writing for humans is the goal, but more than that, writing for your humans must be your ultimate aim this year. Take the time to understand your audience persona (and delve deeper than age range and job title) and write solely for them. Find out what irks them and what piques their interest. Engage them and build on the conversation.

Purpose-driven purchasing

Good people doing good things to bring the good customer and their spending power is on the up in 2018. The rise of the ethical, conscious, vegan and sustainable continues with pace but even if you don’t consider yourself part of the movement, you can still use your ‘purpose’ to attract the right audience to grow your ROI.

Use your story to figure out your driving force and use that to craft your positioning statement, key messages and your mission statement: in other words, your purpose. Being authentically you with purpose brings an audience that shares your values and is ready to invest.

Data-driven marketing

Tracking and monitoring is key for any business, but using your data to really understand the customer experience is what sets the pros apart. Once again, driving deeper into your customer’s preferences and journey will reward you in ROI and growth. Adapt, change, test and tweak your content and campaigns according to what your data is telling you, then measure, test and adapt again until you see the results you want.  


The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect in 2018 and has implications for collecting data and capturing info, amongst other things, despite Brexit plans and negotiations progressing (sort of). We’ll be exploring its effect on brands next week so keep your eyes peeled for that.

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