Being the Good Guys with The Planet Mark

Did you know it’s possible to be a profitable, growing business and still be the good guys? All true. It’s what we’re all about! To prove that you can save the world and still have the edge on the competition, we’ve chosen The Planet Mark to help drive down our energy usage and embed ethical values. Giving us superhero status, basically.

The Planet Mark story
The Planet Mark vision was realized in 2013 by Steve Malkin (CEO of Planet First) and Sir Tim Smit KBE (co-founder of Eden Project). Their goal was to create a truly effective people-driven sustainability programme for organisations of all shapes and sizes, anywhere in the world.

The Planet Mark programme empowers organisations to make year-on-year sustainability progress. It develops knowledge and communication in a way that means companies are embedding changes for sustainability, not just in their physical environment, but in the way they operate and communicate too.

With shared values and vision, The Planet Mark was the obvious choice for us. Of Giant Peach Steve Malkin, CEO, The Planet Mark, says ‘Giant Peach is showing that whatever your size you can make a real difference and that the creative industries are a powerful force for change in sustainability. It’s great to have such a dynamic, purpose-driven digital agency joining The Planet Mark community and we look forward to supporting the Giant Peach team to make year-on-year progress in sustainability.’

Tell it like it is
A key reason for choosing The Planet Mark was the emphasis given to transparency within companies. We’ve always found being respectful and open with clients makes for stronger, enduring relationships. The Giant Peach happiness ethos is founded on treating each other like human beings – and that means being honest and trustworthy.

Sharing the love
The other aspect of The Planet Mark that chimed with us was knowledge sharing. Curating networking and thought-leadership events is essential to our strategy. We know being a force for good means helping each other out – encouraging young entrepreneurs and local businesses and demonstrating there is another way. Businesses can give a monkey’s and be profitable.

How it’s done
Be Smart. Be Sustainable. The Planet Mark have three simple stages of certification:

  • Measure: start by keeping track of your footprint and monitoring usage
  • Engage: using The Planet Mark toolkits, your organisation embeds the culture of sustainability throughout staff and clients
  • Communication: spreading the good word throughout your business, to your clients, other businesses, the world!

The future
We’ve already made some key changes within Giant Peach, both in the office and in the way we approach sustainability. To meet our 5% carbon reduction commitment we’re focusing on energy use. We’ll be fitting LED lights, drastically reducing our landfill and cracking down on our travel footprint. And that’s just the beginning  – we’re determined to get everyone on board and challenge the old perceptions of successful business. So if you reckon you’re up for the challenge, check out The Planet Mark and start making a difference.