An introduction to Bare All

Time to introduce you to Bare All, the umbrella term for Giant Peach’s seminars that will focus on ethical and sustainable business.

We kick started our journey to becoming an ethical digital agency at the first Bare All in London Bridge’s inspiring venue the Brigade last Thursday.

The seminar focused on Giant Peach’s ethical journey but also the journey of other businesses and social enterprises with our fantastic guest speakers.

Our creator James started the afternoon with the story of where Giant Peach currently are in the ethical market and what we plan to do in the future to grow into one of the top ethically driven digital agencies in the country. For us Peaches it all comes down to following four simple pillars of sustainability; people, community, environment and economics. Our team ensures that each pillar is met to guarantee that our business continues to grow within the ethical sector. It’s something we like to call ‘peachology’. But the journey has only just begun so it was time to introduce the experts.

The venue where the event was held had it’s very own compelling story to tell due to becoming a social enterprise shortly after it opened it’s doors three years ago. The general manager Reuben Evans shared his story from the beginning and we were all left in awe of how a restaurant and bar has managed to help so many struggling homeless individuals by giving them a second chance at life.

The next speaker to take to the stage was Bill Huxley, the founder of Business against Poverty, an accredited membership community who care about the issues of poverty and ethical standards. Bill shared the story of his company and took us on a tour of ethics and CSR within business.

Our final speaker of the day was the CEO of Belu Water, Karen Lynch. Belu is the most ethical bottled mineral water available due to their partnership with WaterAid. All of their profit goes directly to the charity, and to date they have donated over £1m and transformed the lives of 66,886 people. Karen expressed how they got to where they are and had the entire audience’s attention due to her impressive delivery and compelling story.

The seminar was a huge success and the start of many more to come.