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We all know social media influences buying behaviour, and many of your target audience will find and make a decision about you based on your social media accounts way before they click through to your site. Your social media accounts are the gateway drug to the big hit of your website (bad analogy).

Okay, so if your social media account is the hook to your hit, it needs to be glorious – dazzling and catchier than the others. And, if you haven’t noticed already, that means beautiful.

Social media is all about the visuals, especially the big three – Facebook, YouTube and IG. We’ve talked a lot about videos (we wrote a whole guide on it actually) and we often get asked the question:

“How do I make my pictures look good on social media?”

Influential IG and Facebook accounts are no longer posting crummy quality snaps – they’re curating high quality imagery for a feel that reflects their brand. Flatlay, styling, lighting, colour palette are all considerations now.

As photography is key to the Giant Peach offering (exquisite imagery capturing moments and zeitgeist, personality and individuality – that’s us!), we’ve roped, sorry, welcomed our pro photographer Michael into the blogosphere to give us some top tips for tip top social pics…

1. Get inspired

Browse moodboards on pinterest, google photos, follow stylists, accounts and photographers you like and you know put out good work.

2. Packaging

It might seem obvious, but always select the best packaging – in particular, check cardboard boxes for straight edges (and tape edges where necessary).

3. Positioning

Position products to hide imperfections/inconsistencies e.g. it’s always better to have the seam of a bottle to the side as opposed to down the middle.

  • Use gloves when handling products to avoid leaving fingerprints and smudge mark
  • For upright compositions, get yourself set of display risers, or a set of weights of different dimensions

4. Light it up

If you’re not getting pics done professionally, chances are you’re not using a lighting guy – so use window light from the side or back. With food almost always light roughly from 3/4 back (10 -11 AM, or 315 degrees).

5. Background

Something that really adds to that pro vibe is the background of the picture. Consistent and complementary backgrounds can be achieved by using different coloured card, or check out a homeware store for interesting bases (wood, tiles, marble, stone etc).

6. Composition

Consider your final format:

  • Colour schemes should complement your brand
  • Any props you use should compliment your main focus, not distract
  • For flatlays, remember to photograph from above – stand up!

7. Shopping list

There are various little tools that can come in handy when creating your image:

  • Scotch tape
  • Gaffer tape
  • Stanley knife
  • Small brush (for crumbs)
  • Spray oil (makes food look more appetizing)

Top notch imagery is a great place to start but the social media world can be baffling. If you need support with growing your following, reaching that target audience or driving website traffic we know the girl for the job… Meg our Social Media and SEO Executive. Give us a shout and we’ll gladly give you a hand!