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The Peaches love a good Chrome extension – a free, simple programme that enables you to perform a function at the touch of a button right there in your browser.

We use them all the time – and today we wanted to share some of our favourites with you.

We’ve chosen five of our most-used tools that help us to be more efficient and effective when it comes to digital marketing. Because even the pros appreciate a hand sometimes!

A genius extension that checks your spelling, punctuation and grammar in real-time, providing you with suggested changes. Grammarly currently works on Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn and millions of other sites. They’re working on integrating with more – including Google Docs and Dropbox Paper – in the future. 

2. Save to Pocket

Unclog your bookmarks bar by saving all the sources you’re using to create a piece of content in your “pocket.” The tagging feature means that articles, images and videos can be easily categorised depending on what you need them for – and they’ll be accessible anywhere you’ve got the extension installed. 

This free social media planner is a big, big timesaver. Build your content queue, automatically schedule posts across different platforms and even view analytics. 

4. Hunter


Finding someone’s email address should be simple – but more often than not it can be a massive headache. Hunter will search the web for verified email addresses based on the company’s URL. 

5. Giphy


Everyone loves a GIF – and this is the easiest way to find one when words just won’t do. 

And finally… a bonus:


Not strictly an extension, but a great App for Chrome users. Described by the Webby’s as “The easiest to use design program in the world,” Canva provides easily customisable templates for creating all sorts of graphics. 

What are we missing from the list? Tell us about your favourite Chrome extensions…