2024 Website Design Trends

Design trends evolve constantly. We gathered our designers to share insights on what’s hot and what’s not for 2024. Tune in to their candid conversation or read this blog to discover the key website design elements we’ve got our eyes on to elevate brand presence this year.

Video Over Static

We’d love to see brands embracing video over static images. Consider integrating smaller videos strategically throughout the website, particularly when showcasing products. For instance, high-end fashion brands use dynamic videos that feature moving products so you can see how the fabric flows providing a more immersive experience and accelerating buying decisions.

Animated Visual Communication

Dynamic elements to design such as animated logos and kinetic typography are making a breakthrough. Animated logos add a modern touch, capturing attention and fostering a memorable brand identity. Alongside kinetic type that moves in synchronisation with logos, this dynamic duo will elevate the visual appeal and overall experience for the user. In this era, we feel a static brand identity is considered a thing of the past, as the trend leans towards integrating lively and animated elements to enhance overall visual communication.

Breaking Banner Tradition

It’s high time we stepped up the banner game, seamlessly blending into the overall page layout and ditching the old rulebook. In the past, banners were all about the ‘above the fold’ concept, but with the rise of responsive devices, the whole notion of ‘the fold’ has become a thing of the past. So now, banners aren’t confined to the top-of-the-page tradition anymore; they’re breaking free, finding new spaces to shine and captivating users.

Creating Character With Illustration

We would love to see the use of illustrations to pepper websites with character. Using animated illustrations on loading pages, shapes or even adopting mascots to establish a unique and resonant vibe. What makes this approach particularly effective is the ability to create characters that can be seamlessly repeated throughout the website, establishing a cohesive and recognisable identity that resonates with users and enhances brand recall.

Unparalleled Immersive Storytelling

The primary objective for website designers and brands aiming to distinguish themselves lies in the creation of an unparalleled immersive storytelling experience. Each component, whether it’s a banner or a loading animation becomes a crucial element that shapes the user’s holistic journey. Delving into design goes beyond aesthetics; it involves a deliberate consideration of the emotions you wish to evoke and the brand image you want to convey. This might involve aligning with current trends, defying conventional norms, or trusting your instincts. Whichever path you choose, our aspiration is that you find inspiration in the evolving design landscape, as we eagerly anticipate more of these innovative approaches in 2024.

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