10 Keys to Take Action for Happiness

Stress, anxiety and depression are costing the UK an estimated £70-100 billion annually. Being happy feels like something of a revolution these days. But the tides are slowly turning. Apps like Headspace and Omvana are commonplace on our smartphones and classes for mindfulness and meditation are available on the NHS for sufferers of anxiety and depression.

Fortunately for us at Giant Peach, happiness is the currency in which we deal. We know the benefits and the value of feeling positive, in the workplace and in life generally. It’s something we hold central; it’s our incentive and our motivator. Check out our Wellness at Work Booklet that supports businesses to make the workplace a happier, and therefore more industrious, place to be.

Action for Happiness has certainly given us food for thought on this crucial issue. With the Dalai Lama as Patron, and promoting the value of happiness changing the world, it’s a movement that we get excited about.

Though being happier in personal, family and work relationships might seem like an insurmountable task, the Action for Happiness website has small steps you can get started with. Easy everyday actions to kickstart your journey, a community of support and their 10 Keys to Happier Living guidebook are all available on the website. To give you a headstart we’ve surmised the ten keys here; get ready to get happy…

1. Giving
We’re not just talking money here, but time, generosity; a little bit of yourself. Action for Happiness recommends three extra acts of kindness today. Go do it!

2. Relating
Take some time to connect – learn the name of someone new, stop and have a chat. Get the biccies out, put the kettle on.

3. Exercise
You know what they say – healthy body, healthy mind. Little things count; take the stairs, drink more water today, have an early night.

4. Awareness
Mindfulness is as simple as just noticing what’s around you. Go sit outside for your tea break (without your phone), really taste what you’re eating, slow down for just five minutes.

5. Trying Out
Variety is the spice of life! Try something a bit different. Doesn’t have to be huge. Try a new place for lunch, wear your hair differently, sign up for that pasta-making course…

6. Direction
Feeling overwhelmed about the future? Identify your goals, find something to strive for. Then break down you fears by putting in place the smaller, more manageable steps by which to achieve them.

7. Resilience
This is a toughie, but research shows that resilience is a skill to be learned. So when life hands you lemons, talk it out, ask for support, look at it from a different angle and perhaps a different perspective will help get that lemonade made.

8. Emotions
The glass is half FULL people. Practice positive and you’ll see space and opportunities opening up. A good place to start is by using positive language – I can, I will, I want to!

9. Acceptance
Be your own best friend. Making a difference starts with you. So be a good boss, friend, parent to yourself – encourage with positivity and praise, see the good in you, accept yourself and go easy when things don’t go to plan.

10. Meaning
Plug into your world. Find the bigger picture and be part of it. Get outside and into nature – experience the world you’re part of. Do something for your community: support a local charity or school, volunteer somewhere or give blood.

Applying these principles will kick-start improved relationships, a better work/life balance, a happier atmosphere in the office and a happier you. So do it!

For more info and to get involved check out Action for Happiness