Led by the Giant Peach experts, our latest seminar treated attendees to a grand tour of the key aspects of getting your website to the top of the search engine results. 

It’s top of the list in any digital marketing strategy, but so often the basics of achieving front-page glory are overlooked (and with Google algorithms changing at an unbelievable pace it’s crucial to nail those basics).

So what are the basics? Well it’s mostly about getting your content right for your audience but it’s also about secret sauce, social media, fireworks and bonfires. Read our original post on the first SOAK seminar to get a better idea of what we’re talking about.

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We created Giant Peach Soak seminars to allow our clients and friends to get together. ‘We think it’s important for businesses sharing a locality to know each other. We’re great believers in working together to make things better for everyone, not shutting ourselves off and working in a silo. By sharing our knowledge we’re hoping that other businesses can benefit and become more successful’ explains Corrina.

‘It’s an opportunity to learn and share (not to mention enjoy a delicious breakfast in the gorgeous surroundings of Beechfield House, that’s always a bonus).The morning was brilliant. We had a bunch of new faces in the crowd and had fun chatting about them and their businesses. We’re always up for learning something new and that always seems to happen at these events.