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Passionate about their low carb bread, LivLife wanted to promote that they’re not just a product for those who follow low-carb diets for health reasons, they can also be a enjoyed as of a healthy lifestyle for anyone who doesn’t want to sacrifice their daily fix of bread.

LivLife needed to inject new life into the brand with updated branding and a new website, as well as work alongside us as a long-term strategic partner to increase brand awareness and sales.

The starting point was to redefine the brand; what did LivLife stand for, who was it trying to reach and what did its brand universe look like? Through a series of collaborative workshops, the outputs Giant Peach generated helped to define the framework through which the brand would operate. 

Taking these outputs as a starting point, we redesigned and built a new website, populated with our own lifestyle and food photography, and copy.


We also used the insights as a jumping off point for campaigns, brand and influencer collaborations, creative content for both the website and social media, which we managed and implemented over the course of two years.

Throughout our partnership we have devised, photographed (and tested!) over 35 delicious recipes for the brand!

Sales growth


Instagram followers