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Life changing digital – it’s what we do. Talking all things user experience, we had to bring it to life by showing off our portfolio. So let’s cut to the chase, six real life examples of how we pack a punch with our websites.

In your face call to action

When all’s said and done, the reason your website exists is why you want Harriet (you remember Harriet! Our user from the last two blog posts) to visit. So why hide your call to action away in a hard to find spot. Chuck it in Harriet’s face – she’ll thank you for it, we promise.

Wiltshire Air Ambulance is a masterclass in giving Harriet what she wants. With the donate button bang in your face, she can’t miss it, saving her time and increasing the charity’s conversions to donation. Everyone’s a winner.

A boat load of routes in

We’re all different (thank goodness) and we play with websites in different ways. So it’s important to provide Harriet with a boat load of routes in to achieve her objective.

The knowledge centre on Natalie Gamble Associates displays this beautifully. With a simple list one side, and a funky animation on the other, it caters for different people who search for the same thing in different ways. Same same but different.

Keep key messages up front

Shouting your key messages from the rooftops is imperative to success, and your website is no different to your other comms. You want to keep your messages in front of Harriet as long as you can. You don’t want the great stuff disappearing never to be seen again when she clicks on a link in the menu.

Audience Systems neatly shows off how this can work, keeping those stunning images and messages alive alongside the menu options.

It’s all about responsive

It’s 2016, chances are your website is being viewed on a multitude of platforms, so design it for all. You can no longer just design with a desktop in mind, you want to catch Harriet on the run on her phone and when she’s at her leisure on her tablet in the evening. A good search function is a crowd pleaser, and by making it full screen it works like a dream on a phone.

On Blue Sky Fostering’s website we utilised the full screen search function for exactly this reason, and it looks pretty neat on a desktop too.

Easy to use forms

Let’s face it, filling in forms on some websites can be a nightmare. In fact we’ve given up a few times. Unintuitive, unfriendly forms send us packing. Harriet wants to get to know you and you want to know her, but so often a clunky, awful form stops this relationship from blossoming.

We turned this on its head when designing the SureSet form. With clear, easy to use sections, the accordion menu looks great and the choice of ranges has a cool, click effect. A smoother customer experience – an easier fulfillment process. Smiles all round. A brilliant website can be really let down if the form doesn’t perform.

Design reflecting quality

We could bore you all day with great ways to make Harriet part with her cash on an ecommerce website. From creating several ways into the products, wishlists, guest checkouts, related products, one click newsletter sign ups, a clear add to basket button. But nothing sells a product as well as a stunning design. It goes without question Harriet needs to experience an emotional connection to convince her to ‘add to basket’.

And nothing displays this more beautifully than the Claudia Bradby website. Clean, crisp, sophisticated imagery, easy to add to basket or wishlist, Harriet will find it impossible not to part with her bucks here.

These websites are packed with neat design quirks that really take them to the next level, delivering an experience we hope the user will remember and rave about for a long time after they visit.

User Experience is unique to each of us, but there are certainly web winners that will make your website easy to use and stand out from the crowd. And great UX does not stop once a website goes live, here at Giant Peach we continually monitor your website’s performance, working together to see what is making Harriet tick, what she needs more of and if anything needs improving.

So come on board, say hello and see what we can do for you. Let’s take a journey and make your website a great place to be.