With an existing outdated website that didn't showcase their services and communicate to the user that they are a large company covering most of England and Wales. The site needed to set them apart from their competitors and be compatible with mobile devices. 

White Horse -

We created a simple to use but impressive website that displayed the company and welcomed the audience. We worked closely with this friendly team to produce something that would help pull the business forward. 

New creative photography for the team page was produced adding personality to what could be perceived as a common page on most websites. We listened to the client by pulling through each team members personality in the images. 

We added some necessary functions within the website that the old site was lacking, the
Find a Surveyor’ page is great and easy to use. The function takes the type of property, age, where it is based and then calculates what your survey should cost. Simple, easy, what their audience wants!

White Horse -

A fully responsive site that provides easy access to services on all devices. This fantastic site fitted the brief from day one. They now have full control of their Content Management Systems (CMS) meaning they can independently change functions on the site. The client is very happy and wants to move forward to expand their brand with us by their side.